The Reason Why Wendy's Brought Back The Slogan 'Where's The Beef?'

There's something nostalgic about hearing those old commercial jingles and slogans from the past — whether listening to a certain McDonald's song incites you to blast out every ingredient of the Big Mac at the top of your lungs, or you can't help but think of "Taste the Rainbow" whenever you are nibbling on a package of Skittles. Back in the mid-eighties, Wendy's had people talking with its popular string of commercials featuring some elderly ladies who just had to ask the burning burger question, "Where's the Beef?" The commercials were part of a massive advertising campaign backed by over $73 million, and the success of the catchy phrase, which called out competing restaurants for their lack of substance, helped earn Wendy's franchise a 32% boost in sales in just half a year, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Although the advertisements only ran for a year, the slogan was a kind of battle cry for those who were tired of getting the short end of the stick. It struck a chord with pop culture and incited a slew of merchandise. The phrase "Where's the Beef?" even went so far as to be used by Walter Mondale during his 1984 presidential run. The slogan made a brief re-appearance back in 2011 with an updated take on the nostalgic phrase. But, Wendy's fans may want to buckle up, because the franchise is giving another nod to the classic advertisement which you won't want to let pass you by.

Racing fans got a kick from this Wendy's throwback design

Wendy's is back with a nod to its "Where's the Beef?" days. However, it may not be what you expect. The popular slogan is taking on a new look as it adorned the wrap of NASCAR driver Noah Gragson's No. 42 Chevy Camaro at this year's running of the Daytona 500. In a tweet, Gragson revealed the slick Wendy's wrap of the vehicle, which had "The Beef" written across the hood of the car with a pristine shot of a juicy square double patty burger. Along the side featured a picture of the iconic Wendy's mascot wearing a googled helmet. Finally, across the back emblazoned just under the taillights is the proclamation that "Wendy's has the beef."

This nostalgic throwback to the retro campaign garnered some positive feedback among Gragson and Wendy's followers. Comments rave about the detailed design saying, "That's a beauty and makes me want to eat Wendy's," with others feeling a bit snacky after taking in the 360-degree view commenting, "DAYUM this thing makes me hungry." Fans also wanted more, replying with things like, "Where's the merch?" Whether or not Wendy's will continue to speed ahead with a larger campaign featuring the classic phrase is yet to be seen. However, for the moment, it looks like we can at least bask in the warm fuzziness of reliving a classic pop culture moment.