Gordon Ramsay Takes A Rolling Pin To Steak For A Clever Seasoning Hack

We can all learn a bit from celebrity chefs, even ones we've watched for decades, like Gordon Ramsay. After all, it's tough to get to the top of your industry without a few tricks up your sleeve. One of his latest and greatest revelations (casually dropped during an episode of "Next Level Kitchen") involves an everyday rolling pin and an all-too-easy hack for improving your next steak. 

First, season your steak as desired, including the must-have ingredients of salt, black pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Once you've seasoned like usual, Ramsay suggests lightly rolling the steak with your pin. Don't smush your beautiful steak. Just press lightly. Ramsay said, "Just roll that steak just until it gets nice and flat, and what happens here is I mop up all that seasoning." The rolling pin serves a few purposes, all of which amp up the flavor and improve cooking. First, the pressure ensures any seasoning that didn't immediately adhere to the steak gets tightly attached to it, maximizing flavor and ensuring you don't waste any of that sometimes expensive seasoning.

Steak seasoning science

It also forces the salt and pepper deeper into the meat, ensuring they can work their magic from a flavor and chemistry perspective. Gordon Ramsay suggests doing this at least 20 minutes before your steak hits the grill or pan, but other experts tell LifeHacker 45 minutes may be better, or up to 48 hours ahead of time if you're forward-thinking enough. 

This recommendation comes down to the science of seasoning. Initially, salt draws water out of the meat, creating a brine-type solution on the surface. Over time, the steak reabsorbs this brine, infusing the flavors deep into the meat. It's also tougher to get that combination of a delicious crust and a juicy center if liquid on the surface hasn't been reabsorbed or removed. 

Finally, by slightly thinning the steak, it allows you to cook it appropriately in the center without overdoing the outside, creating the perfect piece of meat. This also speeds up the cooking time, allowing you to get that perfect steak on the plate (and in your stomach) even faster. Don't take our word for it – try it yourself and see how this simple trick can step up your grilling game at your next cookout