Do McDonald's Birthday Parties Still Exist?

Growing up, inviting your closest pals and family members to your birthday party was a pretty big deal. You got to open awesome presents, play fun games, eat yummy food, and of course, indulge in a sugary cake with your very own name on it — all while surrounded by the people you loved. And back in the day, celebrating your birthday at your local McDonald's was honest-to-goodness amusement, especially for kids who were raised in the '80s and '90s.

Merely thinking about McDonald's birthday parties sparks nostalgia for many. TikToker Ashcapps recently took her viewers on a trip down Memory Lane when she revealed a photo of her third b-day at Mickey D's — frosted sheet cake, the associate's totally tubular outfit, and all. "Growing up in the '80s, having your birthday party at McDonald's was, like, the coolest thing ever," she explains. The '90s subreddit also generated conversation when one Redditor shared a home video of their third birthday bash at McD's in 1995. One user reminisced about a game where kids competed to make the tallest stack of McNugget boxes. Another chimed in, "Omg I forgot about all the little games they had! McDonald's parties were the best, man! This is so stinking cute!

Pretty sentimental, right? But does the iconic fast food chain still offer these treat-filled extravaganzas? You bet it does! Here's what today's McDonald's birthday parties are all about — and how (and why) you should host one.

McDonald's birthday parties are definitely still a thing

That's right! If you're ever in search of a fun, no-fuss venue for a kid's birthday party, it turns out McDonald's is still among the ideal spots to choose from, even if their popularity has dwindled a bit over the past few decades. For plenty of children, there's truly nothing like enjoying a Happy Meal, soft serve ice cream, and cake with your friends, then having a ball (pun intended) in the PlayPlace.

Booking the festivities is easier than ordering a large fry. According to the company, just call your local McD's and speak with the manager to see if they offer parties. They will also help you plan the event. Not a decorations pro? Adults can even download McDonald's-themed invitations, thank you cards, coloring sheets, and more — all courtesy of the brand. McDonald's party packages are also pretty affordable, although prices slightly vary by location. For a party of 10 kids, it costs $100, plus $10 per additional child at the O'Reilly Group McDonald's franchise out of Dallas. At an Alexandria, Kentucky McDonald's, a group of 10 kids costs $100, plus $5 per each additional guest. This expense includes the cake, games, paper hats, Happy Meals, balloons, table reservations, and a hostess to help set up, organize, and entertain.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, some McDonald's locations totally sell birthday cakes, regardless of whether you're feasting on it inside the restaurant or in the comfort of your own home.