The Cocktail World Record You Didn't Know Snoop Dogg Earned

While most people would likely associate Snoop Dogg more with music than the culinary world, foodies will be aware that the rapper actually knows his way around a kitchen. Not only has he penned a cookbook, "From Crook To Cook," he's also appeared alongside pal and lifestyle legend Martha Stewart on their Emmy-nominated VH1 show "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party."

That culinary passion extends to the realm of cocktails as well. In fact, Snoop Dogg is actually a Guinness record holder for an achievement that perfectly fuses his expertise in music and food. As NME reported, he decided to go big in honor of the 25th anniversary of his iconic single "Gin and Juice" by setting the record for the world's largest gin and juice (although, technically, the official certificate from Guinness classifies it as the "largest paradise cocktail").

The effort was spearheaded by chef Michael Voltaggio, who invited Snoop Dogg and a few others to create the show-stopping cocktail at a 2018 event that brought together the culinary and entertainment industries — the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival. Apparently, Voltaggio felt it would be the perfect pairing for a Jamaican jerk chicken dish he was serving up, so why not whip up a massive glass of the beverage on stage, to be later served up to attending VIPs?

What goes into making the world's largest gin and juice

You may have memorized all the lyrics to "Gin and Juice" years ago, but if you're not sure about what quantities were actually required to craft the world's largest version of the beverage, your curiosity will be satisfied — Guinness outlined exactly what was poured into the mixture.

For the world-record-winning cocktail, the assembled group poured in 180 1.75-liter bottles of gin as well as 28 3.78-liter jugs of orange juice. To elevate it beyond just the two components referenced in the song, they also tossed in a whopping 156 1-liter bottles of apricot brandy for a little fruity flair.

Though the crew poured in the spirits and juice from what appeared to be large stainless steel containers, they did have the mixture presented in one massive clear vessel that resembled a cocktail glass. So, naturally, they had to garnish it to finish it off, tossing in an enormous straw that was taller than Snoop Dogg, a pink parasol, and an entire melon — after all, whether you're getting a cocktail at a high-end bar or crafting a mega-version on stage, presentation is key.