What, Exactly, Is The Ideal Water To Ground Coffee Ratio?

Coffee is a personal thing. If you were to line up 10 people and ask them all how they make and take their coffee, you would likely hear 10 different answers. In the world of coffee, there are a million and one options, and that's lowballing! There are a plethora of coffee brewing options available, from a french press to pour-over to drip coffee and everything in between. But what's the ideal water to ground coffee ratio, and what does that even mean? 

Simply put, it's the amount of water in comparison to coffee grounds. According to Methodical Coffee, the "golden ratio" for a not-too-light, not-too-strong cup of coffee is one part coffee to 18 parts water, meaning that for every one gram of coffee, there are 18 grams of water. Craving a stronger cup? Switch to a 1:15 ratio for a cappuccino that will have you buzzing all day long. But what about espresso? That deeply rich, bold shot of coffee is a 1:2 ratio, which explains its assertive flavor. This all helps put things into perspective for even the most novice of coffee drinkers. 

It's all in the brew

Of course, all of this ratio talk is subjective, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Counter Culture Coffee, for example, claims its ideal brewing ratio is 1:17 for both manual and automatic pour-overs.

So if everyone has a different opinion, why bother learning about the "proper" coffee to water ratio? Well, it allows you to have more control over the strength of your joe and helps you understand what your perfect cup tastes like. Roasty Coffee explains how coffee brew ratios are "the backbone of every brewing recipe," allowing people to easily "tweak" their coffee each time they make it. No more second guessing your coffee! Your tastes are unique to you, and how you take your coffee directly reflects that.

There will always be the too-cool-for-school black coffee drinkers, the sugary creamer fanatics, and the classic dash-of-cream crews. But taking your understanding of coffee to a deeper level will only enhance your coffee drinking experience. Next time you go to make your daily cuppa, take the long way and experiment with your ideal cup of coffee. Figure out if you like a stronger, weaker, or somewhere in between brew by playing around with your water and coffee ground measurements. Who knows, you might even learn something new about your taste preferences in the process.