The Viral Whipped Hot Chocolate Recipe That Has TikTok Divided

Hot chocolate is one of the coziest drinks imaginable, especially on a chilly day when the weather's bad outside. Recipes for the richest, smoothest hot chocolates you could dream of have gone viral on TikTok before — such as this French-style hot chocolate that will have you feel like you're soaking in the crisp winter air on a Parisian street, or this two-ingredient hot chocolate that you can easily make at home with a Toblerone bar.

TikTok's latest hot chocolate creation is a little unusual, though. It turns out it's missing a key ingredient — heat. In the viral video which has over 77,000 likes, a user shows viewers how to make the whipped hot chocolate. They add hot chocolate powder and double cream to a bowl and then whisks to soft peaks, before adding the mousse mixture to a glass of cold chocolate milk and topping with marshmallows. "This can be hot or cold, your choice," the TikToker clarifies.

Is this hot chocolate?

Users are understandably divided on whether this drink can be classified as hot chocolate. "Hot or cold... so either a hot chocolate or a cold chocolate," commented one user. "I'd have the whipped cream and powder together without the rest," commented another. Other people had better suggestions as to which dessert category the chocolate drink actually falls into. "If it's cold then it's not a whipped hot chocolate, it's mousse," one person explained.


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Interestingly, while this drink at its demonstrated temperature almost certainly isn't hot chocolate, you could potentially class it as hot cocoa. Although often used interchangeably, especially between different nationalities and dialects, apparently the two drinks are different things — whereas hot chocolate is made with liquid chocolate, hot cocoa is typically made with cocoa powder, making it a more budget friendly option. With that in mind, and considering the powder added at the beginning, we'd say this is (at a push) a recipe for hot, or cold, cocoa. Whatever it is, though, it looks delicious.