A Starbucks Sandwich With A Pump Of Vanilla Is A – Checks Notes – Real Order

Let's be honest, we all know someone who has a very particular Starbucks order. A few of us might even know someone who has an extreme Starbucks order, the kind that gets passed around on Reddit as a wild "when I worked at Starbucks" anecdote. However, most of these partly funny, partly horrific anecdotes are about Starbucks drinks.

All that changed in early March 2023, when one TikTok user shared an order so appalling we almost hesitate to speak of it. This order involved an Impossible Sausage sandwich – which many people already consider Starbucks' worst breakfast sandwich – and a single pump of vanilla syrup. Yes, a pump of vanilla syrup, right in the sandwich, not in a drink where syrups are meant to go.

Personally, we're speechless over this Starbucks sandwich order, but several TikTok users were fortunately able to offer reasonable explanations as to why someone might choose to order this abomination.

Who orders vanilla syrup on a Starbucks sausage sandwich? And why?

According to a recent TikTok posted by a Starbucks employee, a customer named Nathan placed a mobile order requesting a single pump of vanilla syrup on his Impossible Sausage sandwich. Though the employees were understandably confused, they obliged, and can be seen at the end of the clip with the vanilla syrup in hand.


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Of course, a few people had questions for Nathan, mainly to do with why this order even exists. Others asked how he managed to make the request, and the Starbucks employee confirmed in the comments, "I tried after to do it in the mobile app but there wasn't even an option to [add syrup], so I'm confused."

However, several creative individuals did pose a possible explanation. One wrote, "My coworker puts brown sugar syrup on her Impossible, says it tastes like a McGriddle." Others also suggested maybe Nathan was going for a maple syrup effect, and looking to dupe the McDonald's McGriddle. But if that's the case, why not just go to McDonald's, Nathan?