How Long Do Peeps Last?

Right up there with Cadbury eggs and milk chocolate bunnies, Peeps are some of the most popular Easter candies year after year. A survey by Candy & Snack Today found that 68% of Americans have had their first experience with the iconic marshmallows by the time they're nine years old. And while Peeps come in all different colors and shapes, the same poll revealed that Americans overwhelmingly prefer Peeps chicks to Peeps bunnies when Easter rolls around. There's something about the chewy, sugar-covered birds that just hits different.

Whether you anticipate finding a bunch of Peeps in your Easter basket this year or you plan on stocking up on the fluffy treats during the post-holiday candy sale, you may be wondering how long they'll last. Can you keep them in your pantry for weeks, months, or maybe even years? It turns out that Peeps last a lot longer than you may have expected. According to Eat By Date, unopened Peeps will last for six to eight months, while a package of opened Peeps will last two to four months. However, some people say the marshmallows can stay fresh for longer. In fact, Leigh Anne Wilkes says Peeps can last for up to two years if they're in airtight plastic. But how will you know if they've gone bad? Eat By Date explains that they'll become quite stale.

They can stay fresh for a long time

If you are skeptical that Peeps last as long as people claim, you aren't alone. Plenty of brave souls have put Peeps' shelf life to the test. A writer for Tucson Weekly experimented with how well the marshmallows would hold up in the sun and heat. They barely lasted three months, before turning rock hard and discolored, and eventually disintegrated in the outdoor elements. HuffPost ran a more realistic experiment (after all, who is trying to eat Peeps that have been left outside for months?!) by leaving unopened Peeps on a desk for a year. The results? While the treats became dusty, the outlet believed they were still edible. These marshmallows can be a lot more difficult to destroy than you think.

Of course, if you want to enjoy your Peeps in a year or two, you have to make sure you store them properly. The Cookie Elf says the key is preventing moisture from getting in or getting out of the package — after all, what good is a rock-hard Peep? They recommend storing your Peeps in an air-tight container or bag in the freezer or refrigerator to keep them fresh for longer.