Here's Why Gordon Ramsay Cleans His Knife Between Every Slice Of Salmon

Even something as simple as forgetting to clean a knife after descaling salmon warrants criticism from the likes of Gordon Ramsay. As far back as Ramsay's first job in a kitchen, he's always been particular about the way he prepares and cooks food. That's not to say that Ramsay gets needlessly complex with his cooking methods. Frankly, there are simple yet practical aspects to his knifework that most people need to know, as detailed in Ramsay's MasterClass.

For one, you should clean your knife between every slice while cutting salmon. As Ramsay put it, "Every time you cut into the salmon, wipe off your knife. A clean knife makes a clean cut." When taking a knife to something as delicate as salmon, caution is always advisable. Hacking away carelessly is a one-way ticket to a very expensive mess of a dish. Ramsay also detailed how to properly clean the fish.  

With the edge of a broad and flexible knife flat across the salmon's surface, gently scrape away the scales on the skin. Brush back and forth with the edge of your knife from head to tail for cleaner strokes. Running water under the scales will also loosen things up a bit. Also, don't forget to clean your knife between slices! Ramsay also recommends keeping your knife sharp to make things easier. 

Cleaning your knife removes those pesky scales

Remember, a clean blade means even cleaner cuts. Some knives get dull thanks to a simple lack of care from their owners. Make a habit of cleaning your knife off after every use, and keep it sharp. As Gordon Ramsay once explained, "It's far harder working in the kitchen with a blunt knife than it is with a sharp knife." Knives are actually safer to use the sharper they are. It means cutting doesn't need any strenuous effort, which makes it less likely to cause accidents. 

Knives are dangerous enough as is, so taking simple steps to make the process smoother and more manageable is always welcome. When Ramsay, one of the world's most renowned professional chefs, is cautious enough to keep up this simple habit, home chefs should also make the effort. The "Hell's Kitchen" icon is so proficient at cleaning salmon that he can clean a whole fish in less than two minutes.


With a clean knife, you can get right to work filleting your fish. Just as with beef or pork, cutting across the grain always gives the best results when it comes to slicing salmon. When making portions, cut thinner as you go up the salmon's belly for the best results. Remove the bones, and the perfect salmon is now ready to cook.