Making Martinis At Home Just Got Easier With The Latest Premade Arrival

Grey Goose just made your vodka martini craving a lot easier to satisfy. The popular vodka brand will now offer a premade martini mix that seems like a convenient choice for entertaining or just getting a martini in your hands as quickly as possible. Grey Goose describes the aroma of its new premade mix as being "vibrant and crisp" on the nose and "full and complex" on the palate, adding that it has a long finish with a "botanical" quality.

The best part about the Grey Goose classic Martini cocktail is that it is completely ready to go. Simply decide which route you want to take — shaken or stirred — and strain into a chilled glass. The bottle can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature and is available in both 375-milliliter and 750-milliliter bottles. The smaller bottle will yield 4-5 cocktails while the larger bottle will give you 8-10 martinis. Grey Goose is also selling a kit that contains a bottle of the mix and two slender Grey Goose-branded martini glasses.

What is in the Grey Goose classic Martini cocktail?

There are tons of variations on a martini — gin or vermouth, shaken or stirred, wet or dry, dirty or clean. Simon Ford, an expert on spirits who writes a cocktail column for Food Republic, compares martini preferences to Starbucks coffee orders. Every fan of this cocktail has their own idea of how to make the perfect martini.

Grey Goose is taking an interesting route with its premade drink by combining elements of both a classic and a more modern martini. The batched cocktail contains vodka, dry (not sweet) French vermouth, and orange bitters. The vodka martini itself is a modern take, as martinis were originally made with gin. For martini fans, that third ingredient may seem out of left field, but the earliest forms of this cocktail actually did contain a couple dashes of orange bitters. The common iteration containing only one's spirit of choice and vermouth is actually a simplified take on the classic. In a gin martini with orange bitters, the botanical qualities of the bitters enhance those same flavors found in gin. In a vodka martini, however, the taste is a lot cleaner, and the orange bitters add a delicate complexity of flavor to the more neutral spirit.

If simply pouring a martini into a glass seems too simple, garnish with your choice of an olive or lemon twist to put your own spin on this premade classic.