How To Reheat Sunny-Side Up Eggs In The Microwave Without Exploding Them

Perhaps you found out that you should never microwave hard-boiled eggs after a mini explosion in your kitchen that ended up with you thoroughly cleaning a microwave. And of course, a wasted little sad egg. This shouldn't be the situation when reheating another type of egg dish, but each of them has its trick, per Healthline. Just make sure that any type of egg is reheated to 165 F before serving (via FDA).

Scrambled eggs are okay to reheat in the microwave, and omelets in the oven. Fried eggs would be better on a skillet, but what about sunny-side up eggs? We'll love to keep that runny egg yolk in our dish. Well, here the microwave is your best choice. Just grease a plate and heat it for 30 seconds, and then heat your egg in it for another 30 seconds again.

Keep in mind that reheating eggs may change the texture or even flavor of the egg. It's a good tip to implement when you don't want to discard leftover eggs from home or take-out food, but reheating won't assure you the best sunny-side up eggs. The trick to make your reheated eggs taste like recently cooked eggs or even better doesn't exist. Avoiding eating leftover eggs is not only the best option flavor-wise, but the most convenient for your health.

Fresh eggs are always better and safer

Many foodborne illnesses are linked to eggs, according to the FDA. Even with cooked eggs we run the risk of food poisoning. This doesn't mean we should freak out and stop eating eggs, quite the contrary: We must learn to be conscious and careful when buying, cooking, eating, storing, and of course, reheating eggs, like with every food. Some tips include don't buy cracked eggs and keeping them properly refrigerated.

If possible, cook your eggs the moment you are planning to eat them. Preparing sunny-side up eggs is easy, and it should be fast with a pan and a lid. Make sure the yolk and the white are firm and enjoy. However, this is not always the situation for people in a rush or for those who meal prep. Just like when you make with the rest of your food, keep your eggs properly saved in the fridge, and follow instructions when reheating.

Another piece of advice is to reinvent the way you eat your eggs. For example, an egg salad sandwich might be a better breakfast on the go, and it is already served cold. Of course, this doesn't replace the delicious, moist, and crusty sunny-side up eggs, but these would be better prepared when staying at home with plenty of time. Sometimes hard decisions are the best ones for your health.