This Simple Trick Will Give You Perfect Sunny-Side Up Eggs Every Time

Cooking eggs is one of those activities that sounds easy, but can actually be quite tricky. Sure, scrambled eggs are simple enough (just whisk them together and pour them into a pan) but sunny-side up eggs require a little more skill and finesse. You have to get the white fully cooked without letting it become rubbery or burnt and you have to get the yolk the perfect amount of jiggly yet solid, so it breaks when it's punctured with a fork, but not before. (Runny yolks, FTW!)

Maybe you are in a rush, maybe your pan is too hot, or maybe you didn't have the right flick of the wrist with the spatula. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of things that can ruin your sunny-side up eggs. Fortunately, there are also a lot of things that can make them better — including this genius hack from chef and cookbook author Julia Turshen.

Julia Turshen recommends adding water to your eggs

According to Julia Turshen, the secret to flawless sunny-side up eggs isn't so much in the technique but rather the ingredients. More specifically, the one ingredient you probably aren't adding to your eggs yet: water. Yes, in between coating your pan with oil or butter and cracking your eggs inside, Turshen recommends tossing in a sprinkle or two of water. A Kitchn writer tested out the unique recipe — which is from Turshen's cookbook, "Small Victories" — and found it to work surprisingly well. You add a few drops of water to the pan before adding your eggs, then cover with a lid, and voila! Perfectly cooked sunny-side up eggs in minutes.

Apparently, the method is known as steam-basting. The Cookful explains that, by adding water to your pan (and then trapping in the steam via a lid), you'll cook the tops of the eggs without having to flip them over and risk breaking the yolk.