16 Rosé Wines To Sip On In 2023

A chilled glass of rosé wine is ubiquitous in warm-weather drinking. There's a reason why "rosé all day" is a mantra to so many wine lovers. Rosé wine is a pink wine that's often crisp and a little fruity. Like any red or white wine, it can stray from sweet to dry with plenty of complex notes worth exploring depending on the bottle you're drinking. The range in quality of rosé is just as expansive — there are bottles you can get for a couple of bucks or a couple of thousand dollars. 

There's never a bad time to drink rosé, whether it's technically summer or not. We decided to delve deep into the genre of wine to find 16 bottles of rosé worth seeking out in 2023. The bottles range in flavor, price, and region, so there's a good variety for every wine drinker. Regardless of which blend you select, you're guaranteed to bring good vibes with a tasty bottle of pink wine.

Ancient Peaks One Stone Rosé

You might be tempted to try Ancient Peaks One Stone Rosé from the beautiful artwork alone, designed in collaboration with artist Audrey Jackson. The bottle contains a dry style of Pinot Noir rosé made with grapes from California's central coast. The 12.5% ABV wine is a beautiful rosy peach color, which is reflected in its fruity, yet dry, flavor. The fruit notes that stand out the most in this bottle include peaches, strawberries, citrus, and watermelon. 

Once you open the bottle, your nose is greeted with scents of fruits and flowers that resemble pure nature. The flavor has that same fresh quality while still being a very clean-tasting wine. One Stone Rosé is also a bottle you can feel good about buying — a portion of the proceeds of each bottle goes to benefit the nonprofit Dream Big Darling. The organization's goal is to develop mentorship opportunities for young people interested in the wine and spirits business. Ancient Peaks sells a bottle of One Stone Rosé for $18 as of April 2023.

Avaline Rosé

Avaline is a popular wine brand best known for being founded by Katherine Power and actress Cameron Diaz. Aside from the celebrity endorsement, the wine brand has developed a reputation for being an organic wine without any unnecessary sugar or additives in each bottle, which could help to avoid headaches some people might get from drinking wine. The brand's 12.5% ABV rose is a blend of French grapes including Grenache, Cinsault, Caladoc, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It might sound like a lot, but it's just the right blend to result in an endlessly drinkable rosé.

Avanline's rosé is delicate without being bland. It's light and crisp, making it the perfect companion to fresh summer fruit or barbecued white meat. It lacks the sweetness that can overpower some other sugary rosé wines. The $24 bottle of wine has just 107 calories and 2.6 carbs per glass, so it's also a health-conscious pick for an alcoholic beverage. 

Banfi Centine Rosé

A great Tuscan option for rosé wine is Banfi's 2020 Centine Toscana. The pale-pink wine is a standard 12% ABV and is derived from a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes. The light wine contains distinct notes of cherries and other red fruits, but those flavors remain light and not overpowering. It's a simple no-nonsense wine that makes a great pre-dinner drink or accompanying beverage to a light summer dinner. 

Banfi's Centine isn't a rare or expensive bottle of wine, selling for $15 on Drizly as of April 2023. However, it's a classic and light rosé that can go with anything. It's a bottle no one can be mad at sharing with friends, especially over a nice Italian meal. It's an uncomplicated wine that you can't find something to complain about, which is why it's worth adding to your list the next time you're looking to try a new bottle. 

Besa Mi Vino All Day Rosé

Rosé might be the drink of the summer, but it isn't always convenient for warm-weather activities. Who wants to remember to bring glasses and a corkscrew to the beach or on a boat ride? The easy fix to this is canned wine, like Besa Mi Vino's All Day Rosé. Each can of Besa Mi Vino contains $12.5% ABV, with three cans equating to one bottle of wine. The brand is another sugar-free option that uses the lowest levels of sulfites possible for a clean-tasting wine. 

All Day Rosé cans taste like another simple fruity rosé that's executed excellently. The flavor notes that stand out are strawberries, raspberries, and sage for a nice balance of fruit and herbs. Besa Mi Vino sells a 12-pack of All Day Rosé cans for $68, which is like buying four bottles of wine without those clunky glass bottles.

Biltmore Reserve Rosé

A great $20 bottle of rosé worth drinking on its own or blending in a refreshing frosé is the Biltmore Reserve rosé from North Carolina. The winemakers take a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes that are native to the region in this 13% ABV blend. It's a unique rose for having a slight spice to it. It's nothing overwhelming, but notes of white pepper and nutmeg add a distinct character to the bottle. Those spicy notes pair perfectly with the dry mouthfeel and slight red berry flavors. 

Biltmore Reserve rosé is a wine that has an almost savory aspect complemented with a tartness that makes it ideal for those drinkers who cannot drink any remotely sweet wine. It's not often you try wines from North Carolina, which makes it worth exploring, especially a rosé loaded with complex flavors that almost resemble a fresh-baked berry pie. 

Black Dog Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir Rosé

On the other coast of the U.S. is the Oregon-based Black Dog Vineyard, which has an impressive lineup worth any wine lovers' attention. The winery sells a rosé just begging to have a place in your wine fridge, especially if your preferred rosé is on the fruity side. The brand's 2021 Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir rosé is a crisp and acidic wine that is sure to brighten up your summer, even on a rainy day. The grapes come from the Chehalem Mountain region of Oregon, which is known for its delicious wines. 

The salmon-colored wine is marked with a unique fruity blend of cranberry, strawberry, lime, and citrus that makes it tastes like the liquid version of fruit salad with a boozy kick.  Black Dog's Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir sells for $47 as of April 2023 and is one of those bottles worth breaking out with good friends and, preferably, over a delicious home-cooked meal. 

Champagne Ayala Rosé Majeur

Sometimes, for one reason or another, it's only appropriate to enjoy a glass of rosé that is more on the bubbly side, and what could be better than pink Champagne? Champagne Ayala is an authentic French Champagne brand with a multitude of wines worth trying. If you need some inspiration, a foolproof bottle from the lineup is the Champagne Ayala Rosé Majeur. 

The hot-pink wine is made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier with some of the best grapes the vineyards have to offer. The result is a classically sweet Champagne that is smooth and the perfect amount of fizzy, with slight fruit notes to keep things interesting. The sweetness resembles that of honey, which pairs well with those bright and fresh notes lying beneath the surface. Drizly sells a bottle of Champagne Ayala Rosé Majeur for about $60 as of April 2023. 

Champagne Telmont Réserve Rosé

Another pink Champagne option is Champagne Telemont Reserve Rosé which is meant to accompany any of your celebratory needs. The French Brut Rosé is a blend of Chardonnay and Meunier, which results in a wine with notes of cherry and sweet brioche bread. The 2021 wine expression is a labor of love — it spends 5 years aging in underground cellars before it hits the shelves. 

Another great reason to support Champagne Telemont is the brand's sustainability practices. The company makes it a point to focus on utilizing practices like organic agriculture and renewable energy whenever possible. Many people who are fans of Champagne Telemont's $90 bottle, as of April 2023, remark on the bright bubbles that envelop your mouth while sipping on this sparkling rosé. It's a bottle you can't go wrong gifting to anyone deserving of a fun drink, even if it's yourself, because it's such a palatable crowd-pleaser. 

DAOU Discovery Rosé

A still wine option for those who don't want to pop some bubbly is Daou Vineyards' Discovery Rosé from Paso Robles, California. The winemakers at the Daou headquarters created this wine in the Provencal style despite every bottle containing 100% California Grenache grapes. The light apricot-colored wine is one of the more floral-flavored options on the list that resembles the essence of a spring day. The botanical notes run deep in this wine with standout hints of orange blossom, roses, and hibiscus. 

Dauo's Discovery Rose is not all flowers and overly perfumey, as there are accompanying flavors of peaches, mango, and melon to sweeten it up. Fans of this rosé remark that it is a wine that somehow gets better upon every sip, which can be dangerous. It's also recommended for people who enjoy drinking a robust red wine, but are looking for a lighter option for a more refreshing boozy beverage. 

Maison Ruinart Champagne Rosé

If the bubbly rosé bottles are calling your name, it's a right of passage to try Maison Ruinart Rosé Champagne for history's sake alone. Maison Ruinhart was the first-ever House of Champagne established in France in 1729, even though the sparkling wine has even older roots relating to a 17th-century monk. The cellars of Maison Ruinart are also an established UNESCO world heritage site. Luckily, the French Champagne with a pink hue honors its legacy in the taste department. 

The 12.5% ABV wine starts with hand-harvested grapes — a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The result is an aromatic rosé that is marked by citrus and slightly minty notes, which is as refreshing as it sounds. Maison Ruinart is another brand that emphasizes sustainable practices in winemaking that you can feel positive about supporting. Maison Ruinart Rosé Champagne is a bit pricier, usually selling for about $100 a bottle as of April 2023, but those who have tried it say the quality also lives up to that price. It's the kind of drink that every wine-lover should try at least once, so why not make it a 2023 bucket-list bottle? 

Donnafugata Rosa Sicilia Doc Rosato

Donnafugata Rosa Sicilia Doc Rosato is a collaboration between fashion house Dolce & Gabbana and winemakers Donnafugata that's too pretty not to be enticed by. The 2021 vintage embodies everything both brands stand for — taste, elegance, and celebrating Italian culture. It's a blend of two Sicilian grapes called Nerello Mascalese and Nocera that create a hot pink wine with notable floral notes. The 12.34% ABV bottle is bursting with aromas and flavors of fresh flowers like rose and jasmine. There is also a very light and mild fruit flavor resembling that of nectarines or pears. 

Many people who have sampled the Rosa Sicilia bottle notice almost immediately that it smells like you're walking into a lush wilderness. The bottle is typically sold for upward of $40 as of April 2023, making it a mid-priced option that is sure to be a visual show-stopper. The bottle makes for a thoughtful gift for a friend, even if that happens to be yourself this year. 

La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir Rosé

Another Californian Pinot Noir rosé worth adding to your shopping cart in 2023 comes from La Crema from Monterey. La Crema Vinera, the original name of the company, translates to "Best of the Vine," which is something the brand takes to heart. The best part of La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir rosé, besides its acidic and juicy flavor, is that it's another low-price bottle at $25. 

La Crema's rosé contains 13.5% ABV and 100% Pinot Noir grapes from the region. The salmon-colored rose tastes like a summer fruit salad with notes of strawberries, watermelon, and peaches. La Crema even suggests that the wine contains notes of orange creamsicle, which is the ultimate warm-weather treat. "This is the ONLY Rosé I drink, it's not sweet which is key for me. It's affordable and very simple packaging," one Drizly customer wrote in a review of La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir. 

San Antonio Winery Maddalena Rosé

Another bottle of rosé from California that is friendly for your budget is Maddalena Rosé. It's a 13.5% ABV pale pink wine that is made from a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Graciano grapes from Paso Robles, which is a popular region for the variety. The dry yet tart wine sells for about $15 as of April 2023, making it cheap enough to add to your regular wine-drinking rotation without feeling guilty. Maddalena is another wine brand that focuses on sustainability, which makes its low price tag even more impressive. 

Maddalena Rosé is marked by a strong presence of fresh grapefruit. It's complemented by notes of other summer fruits like strawberries and watermelons, although it isn't as juicy as some of the other options on the list. It's just a no-nonsense rosé that isn't sweet but shockingly drinkable. It's one of those bottles you can keep on hand for an impromptu wine night that any guest of yours will enjoy sharing with you. 

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé isn't just a cheeky name for a beautifully-packaged bottle of wine. The Italian rosé wine gets its namesake from its tried-and-true production methods. The brand discovered that grapes should be pressed with skin contact for exactly 11 minutes, which will extract the perfect amount of flavor and color from them. Pasqua uses a blend of grapes featuring mostly Corvina, which isn't a common varietal outside of the Triveneto wine region and results in a floral flavor. 

The Pasqua winemakers also add Trebbiano di Lugana, Syrah, and Carmenère into the 11 Minutes blend, which adds a few tart fruit flavors like strawberries and raspberries. The 12.5% ABV wine sells for about $20 a bottle as of April 2023, but the robust mouthfeel and explosion of aromas and flavors will make you feel like you're drinking a much more expensive bottle of wine. 

Santa Marghertia Rosé

Another Italian rosé that you can never go wrong with is the Venetian Santa Margherita Rosé. The 12.5% ABV wine is a love letter to Italy. The blend features Chardonnay from Trentino, Sauvignon Blanc grown near the Adriatic Sea, and Pinot Nero from Venice. The result is a fresh and slightly sour wine that is all about the botanic notes — its color even resembles a light pink peony flower. While it's another rosé that you can enjoy any time of the year, its breezy essence truly shines when the weather is hot and the vibes couldn't be cooler. 

Santa Margherita is not a particularly fruity wine, nor is it overly sweet by any means. The brand's signature rosé sells for about $25 a bottle as of April 2023, making it the ultimate bottle for a date-night dinner or to bring to a friend as a hostess gift. 

Tinto Amorio No Pasa Nada Rosé

Those looking to explore more natural wine varieties in 2023 should be sure not to miss Tinto Amorio. The brand's No Pasa Nada bottle, which is a Zinfandel blend from Paso Robles, is an explosion of flavor. The natural wine is low in sulfites and features chemical-free grapes, which many people who've reviewed the bottle remark helps them avoid a wine hangover the next day. "Drinking wine usually gives me a crazy hangover and instantly triggers an unpleasant reaction due to my chronic hives – Tinto however is the only wine that 1) does not give me a hangover, 2) does not trigger any hives, and 3) tastes PHENOMENAL," one Thing Testing review of the natural wine reads. 

Tinto Amorio No Pasa Nada wine is also good for those watching their diet as it contains just 110 calories per serving. The flavor is an explosion of funky fruits — strawberries, blood oranges, cherries, and more. It's one of the more unique options on the list, which is all the more reason to take the plunge if you come across a bottle.