Get A Crunch Out Of Your Sour Strips With This TikTok Trick

If you're a sour candy lover, you're probably also a fan of the gummy texture that characterizes many of these types of candies, whether that's Haribo Sour Streamers, Jolly Rancher Gummies, or Sour Patch Kids. The stats don't lie, either. According to CandyUSA, chewy sour candies consistently outsell other forms of sour candy across America, representing 99% of sales in the sector and bringing in $1.3 billion in sales during 2021.

However, if you are someone who prefers your candy to have a little crunch, don't worry ā€” there's still a way you can experience those intense sour flavors, without having to pull the sticky residue out of your teeth afterward. One of TikTok's favorite tips at the moment is freezing sour candy, causing it to snap and break away when bitten into. In this video, user @tiktoktienny bites into a frozen sour strip with a hugely satisfying crunch, captioning it, "OMG freeze your sour straps/strips. Love an ASMR." In the comments section, she revealed the super easy creation process ā€” freezing the candy for an hour.

Why are people freezing everything?

This video seems to be part of a general trend on TikTok that involves freezing or freeze-drying candy to modify its texture and achieve that ASMR-inducing crunch. According to Motherly, Google Trends showed a massive spike in searches for "freeze dried candy" in 2022, and on TikTok, searches for "freeze dry candy" have stacked up an impressive 314.3 million views. As you would imagine, the videos are especially popular with kids.


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ā™¬ original sound ā€“ TšŸ„Ÿ

If you're not a fan of sour candy, you can take any confectionary and try this out ā€” even chocolate. TikTokers and YouTubers have been freezing a variety of different candies and demonstrating how their taste and texture change, including Starburst, gummy eggs, and even Snickers, as shown in this video. The trend is so popular that many stores now sell freeze-dried variations of most candies, so you can order online if you don't feel like making them at home. It's not just candy that's getting the cryogenic treatment either. Other popular frozen snacks include grapes ā€” which are usually then covered in brightly colored syrup made from melted Jolly Ranchers ā€” and frozen Jello. Some outlets, like Motherly, are also linking this to the growth in other ASMR and sensory-focused content such as slime.

According to Candyjan, freeze-dried candy is not only better for your teeth, but it also never goes stale, and has a more intense flavor due to removing excess water particles. With all these benefits, we think it's an inventive and fun way to sweeten up your favorite childhood snacks and enjoy them for the first time, all over again.