Frozen Jello Is All Over TikTok And Here's Why You Should Try It

What is more fun than a jiggly plate of Jello? According to TikTok, frozen Jello might be even more fun. The viral treat is part cool refreshing snack and part ASMR. You may have seen it in your "For You" feed and thought it reminded you of edible slime. TikTok user @linder_surprise caused a stir after posting an ASMR-tagged video demonstrating her making and eating semi-frozen Jello. When frozen, the Jello forms crystals that have a soft crunch when you bite into them. Fans enjoy the sensation and texture.

@linder_surprise used pink Jello that some guessed was the Starburst flavor. Once frozen, it is still pink, but less translucent. One fan commented, "I genuinely thought this was frozen raw fish to begin with."

Frozen Jello has been a low-key treat for years. One TikToker commented "OMG, I've been eating frozen Jello ever since I was a kid and it always hits." Other TikTokers compared them to a DIY version of another TikTok trend edible crystal candy, one announced, "When you want to try the edible crystals but you're broke."

TikTok has so many questions

Foodie TikTok creator @linder_surprise posted a follow-up video to respond to questions from curious viewers. One viewer asked how long to freeze the Jello, and @linder_surprise recommended a maximum of two hours. Otherwise, the Jello might thoroughly freeze and get too hard. Freezing Jello breaks down the proteins that cause the jiggly sensation, via Cook Think.

While @linder_surprise simply prepared packed Jello mix, she noted she made one change. She uses half the water when making frozen Jello for a smoother texture. One user commented, "It tastes soooo bad but feels soo good." Another liked the taste saying, "I did it today and it was so yum." Some still can't get over the pink Jello's resemblance to raw, frozen fish. "OMG low-key looks like tuna so I'd say make a frozen jelly sushi," wrote one person.

If you are ready to try it, your next decision is which popular Jello flavor to use. Frozen Jello fans may also want to try 2021's Frozen Jello coated grapes. Frozen Jello fans seem to find the soft crunch sound satisfying like ASMR coming from your own mouth.