How To Fix Loose Aluminum Foil In The Air Fryer

Air fryers are now a popular alternative to traditional cooking techniques, using hot air circulation instead of oil to produce that signature crisp. Not only do they heat up faster than the oven or stovetop, but they can revamp leftovers to the level that was first achieved in the restaurant. 

An essential step when using these appliances is putting down a layer of aluminum foil. It keeps the ingredients from sticking in the basket and ensures an even browning. However, the problem occurs when a corner comes loose and blocks the airflow. Depending on where it lands, you might notice a faint flapping sound coming from within the air fryer. This could interfere with the cooking process, producing an uneven temperature and potentially causing parts of the food to remain soggy. By implementing certain precautions, the foil will remain secure without having to make constant adjustments and the food will come out just as intended.

How to prevent aluminum foil from coming loose

Aluminum foil has flexibility that's difficult to beat. Once you curl it around a surface, the material will hold its shape and remain in place. This concept is one that every home cook should utilize when working with an air fryer. Simply line the basket with foil and carefully tuck it around the edges before setting the food inside. Crimping the foil with your fingers will allow it to take on the shape of the basket and prevent it from coming loose. 

The weight of the food will also serve to anchor the material, which is why it's important to put both items in at the same time. If there's not enough food to fill the basket, make sure to position the items around the outer edge, leaving a little space to allow for airflow. Another trick is to cut the piece of foil so that it's just big enough to cover the bottom of the basket. This eliminates any excess material and prevents disruptions to the cooking process.

Is aluminum foil the best material for air fryers?

Aluminum foil and parchment paper are the two most popular materials for lining your air fryer. The one that you use will depend on the ingredients in the dish. Speaking to Insider, chef Meredith Laurence said, "[acidic foods] react with the foil and start to break it down, so you'll actually have aluminum in your food." When a recipe calls for high-acid ingredients such as vinegar, tomatoes, or citrus fruit, you might consider putting parchment paper in the air fryer. It's a little more unwieldy but doesn't experience the same deterioration as aluminum foil. Simply trim the edges so that it just fits within the base of the basket and place the items around the outer edge. 

For all other dishes, aluminum foil is the ideal choice in that it can fold into any shape that you desire. Create supports for delicate pastries or even fabricate your own disposable dishes to increase the ease of cleanup.