Mythical Kitchen Hilariously Compared Jeff Bezos' Scent To An Onion

Mythical Kitchen's "Mythical Chef," Josh Scherer is known for his bold culinary antics and goofy sense of humor. He busts cooking myths, crafts the unhinged dishes of our wildest dreams (and memes), and makes us laugh. He's done the latter yet again in a recent video where, in passing, he boldly likened Jeff Bezos' body odor to that of a freshly cut onion.

In Scherer's recent "Whole Foods vs. 99 Cents Store Cooking Challenge" video, he used a blind taste test to compare Spaghetti and Meatballs made with 99 Cents Only ingredients versus Whole Foods ones (via Youtube). When he was dicing onion for the meatballs, he chopped the Whole Foods onion in half and held it up to his nose, taking a whiff and declaring that it smelled "like Jeff Bezos." He mumbled: "Bezos, into rubbing all the onions in his underarms."

For those who don't follow, Scherer is referencing the Amazon CEO's ripped physique which sparked buzz over the past few years. It led the Wall Street Journal to observe what it called "the Bezos effect," which describes the phenomenon of tech billionaires with muscular bodies. Many speculated that Bezos' transformation into a ripped rich guy involved more than a personal trainer. Some thought he must be taking steroids or Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to get such marked results so quickly, though sources have insisted otherwise. But what does all this have to do with onions?

Peeling back the layers

Taking HGH can result in increased sweating (via the Mayo Clinic), and that naturally might lead to stinkier pits. A surplus of HGH can potentially lead to acromegaly, a medical condition that can cause numerous physical transformations, including a more extreme change in body odor, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Which vegetable could be more emblematic of this kind of stink than a tear-inducing onion?


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As funny as it is to imagine one of tech's most controversial CEOs rubbing onions in his armpits like Shrek, Josh Scherer had more to say. He got a little more specific about what he meant, not that he needed much of an excuse for such a hilariously specific impromptu roast of one of the world's richest men. "That man is plied to the gill with growth hormone," Scherer said, adding, "Like, I don't care if we get sued for libel." One suspicious TikTok commenter wondered, "How does Josh know what Bezos smells like?" Most of us will sadly (or luckily) never find out. Another viewer wrote that to successfully sue, Jeff Bezos would have to show he doesn't have an oniony scent.

Bezos probably has bigger issues on his plate than onion-related jests. And hey, if he ever does see Mythical Kitchen's video, at least he'll know it was the Whole Foods onion he was compared to and not the 99 Cents Only one. Never mind that Whole Foods actually lost the challenge.