If You Want To Add A Burst Of Flavor To A Frozen Pizza, Consider An Egg

Frozen pizzas usually lack the flavor and freshness of freshly cooked pizzas. There have been brave attempts with additional toppings and sauces to make them look and taste better than gummy cardboard but, believe it or not, none of them are as good as an egg when it comes to elevating the flavor profile of a frozen pizza. Imagine a piping hot pizza with savory tomato sauce, glistening with melted cheese and your favorite toppings. Now, picture a sunny-side-up egg with a bright yellow yolk on it. When you bite into it, you get a tantalizing burst of a medley of rich flavors. The velvety egg complements the crust, sauce, and cheese so beautifully that you can't wait for the next bite.

To make this mouth-watering dream come true, start by defrosting your pizza and preheating your oven according to the package instructions. After deciding how many eggs you want on it, place the pizza in the middle rack of the oven (or in the center of the microwave) and cook it for either half the recommended time or just a few minutes short, depending on how runny you want the eggs. Take it out, crack the eggs onto it, and season them as per your liking. Continue cooking the pizza until it is done and the egg whites are cooked through. 

How to dress up eggs on frozen pizza

Here are a few more ways in which you can upgrade its presentation and make it even healthier. Get Cracking advises using fresh eggs because old eggs have runnier whites and will slide across the pizza. To make it look aesthetically pleasing, Meag's Eggs recommends making indentations in the thawed dough with a spoon, and then cracking the eggs into them (when the dough is partially cooked) as this will hold them in place. If you prefer runny yolks, The Daily Meal suggests pouring the eggs onto the dough when there are ten minutes left to the end of the baking time, or adding them sooner if you like firm and cooked-through yolks.

Take it up a notch by drizzling your favorite sauce over the eggs to create a new symphony of flavors and creamy goodness or get creative with toppings for a more wholesome and finger-licking meal. If you want to be even fancier, go ahead and add truffle oil on top of the eggs to give your frozen pizza a sophisticated flavor profile. The next time you're stuck with a sad-looking frozen pizza, just remember these tips that will easily take it from being basic to a filling, nutritious, scrumptious, and cost-effective meal that will leave you wanting more.