The Cheeky Way To Get Free Omaha Steaks For Life

Every now and then, companies cook up some ridiculous promotional stunt designed to draw attention to a new product. Think about Red Bull having a man jump from more than 127,000 feet above the ground, Oscar Mayer offering a lifetime supply of bacon for National Vegan Day, or that time Burger King released a meat-scented cologne. If you're someone who would do anything for a lifetime supply of premium ground beef, Omaha Steaks wants you to become the stunt. But for the average person, the "steaks" might be too high.

Omaha Steaks has partnered with the award-winning tattoo artist Steve Butcher (yes, that is his real name) to give one hamburger lover a lifetime supply of meat. If selected to win, all you need to do is travel to Southern California – airfare and hotel included if applicable – and have your "buns" inked with a hyperrealistic burger tattoo. That's right, with one free tattoo you could have Omaha Steaks Pure Ground burgers delivered to your house every year for up to 25 years, a value that Omaha Steaks has equated to $20,500 (via Omaha Steaks).

What about these burgers supposedly makes them worth the pain of a full bun tattoo? This challenge is being used to promote the new line of PureGround™ Burgers made with premium aged steak. Available in five styles (Brisket, NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and Sirloin), they have apparently inspired thousands of people to enter. Either that or people just want any kind of free burger meat.

Behind the buns

This isn't the first time food companies have offered free food in exchange for a more permanent form of currency. Brands like Farmer Boys and Drumstick have held similar contests that reward logo tattoos with a year's worth of free food. But nothing we've found has been done to this magnitude. A brand partnering with a critically acclaimed tattoo artist is one thing, but to offer a presumably expensive tattoo and 25 years' worth of free meat is taking it to a whole new level. And if you haven't seen the tattoo design, it's massive and incredibly detailed.

Together with Omaha Steaks, Steve Butcher has created what is dubbed The Full Bun Tat. The burger will fill an entire cheek. The tat features a burger bun (no sesame seeds, sadly) with three juicy cheese-topped patties packed with all of the fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.). The only thing missing is a side of fries. Fortunately, there's still one remaining cheek.

This opportunity may interest a lot of beef eaters. A poll conducted by Omaha Steaks found that 30% of people would get inked for a lifetime supply of burgers (via PR Newswire). Submissions are open until May 1, and people need to do is fill out a form to enter the sweepstakes to get steaks in burger form.