What Happened To McDonald's Potato Waffles?

With locations in over 100 countries, McDonald's tweaks its menu for each location featuring items you wouldn't find in the United States. Take burritos in Mexico or curry sauce in Singapore for instance. Of course, the United Kingdom had a signature potato dish as well. Sadly, it appeared on the menu for just a limited time. What happened to potato waffles?

McDonald's first launched potato waffles as a new breakfast item in October 2022. The menu item was inspired by the popular potato-based snack typically found in supermarkets throughout the U.K. McDonald's hoped to capitalize on people's love for the snack with its own mini potato waffles. At the time of launch, it seemed like the restaurant chain had a winner on its hands. 

As Twitter buzzed with the exciting news, thrilled comments came pouring in. "McDonald's is really upping its game recently. Respect," wrote one fan. Meanwhile, another user wrote, "STOP EVERYTHING McDonald's are doing little potato waffles at breakfast now." However, potato waffles lasted just a short time. In January 2023, McDonald's removed the item from menus in the United Kingdom, and fans weren't happy.

The potato waffles were likely discontinued to make way for new items

For those who know their McDonald's history, you should know the brand isn't afraid try out items. Take the McSpaghetti for instance. While the restaurant didn't give a reason for removing potato waffles, it's not the first time McDonald's has removed items from its menu. For instance, the restaurant chain made substantial changes to its operations during the Covid-19 pandemic (via Business Insider). Likewise, McDonald's sometimes removes items to make way for new menu opportunities. This may have been the case for mini potato waffles.

Even mini potato waffles displaced old items when they launched. The breakfast item wasn't just a new addition to the menu. Rather, it replaced five old items including two McFlurrys, Chicken Legend, Big Tasty, spicy McNuggets, and mozzarella dippers. The new potato waffles were then added along with Twirl McFlurry, BBQ Bacon Stack, and Nacho Cheese Wedges.

Likewise, it appears that McDonald's replaced potato waffles with new menu additions as well. Aero McFlurrys, spicy wraps, vegan burgers, and Cheesy garlic bites joined the menu the same month that the mini potato waffles were discontinued. Cheesy garlic bites or not, fans were not happy to see the potato waffles go. "McDonald's taking the potato waffles off the breakfast menu has ruined my life," tweeted a disappointed fan. Meanwhile, another wondered, "Why are McDonald's always removing the best things from their breakfast menu?"