Shocking: Green Gummy Bears Aren't Lime Or Apple Flavored

Fake news is not new to the internet. There actually used to be a president who spoke about it rather a lot. For everything from politics to the environment, there seems to be a false spin taken on almost every event that ever happens, making the treacherous voyage into the depths of the web increasingly perilous.

With a claim that green gummy bears aren't really supposed to taste like lime or apple, it would seem that disinformation trolls have taken things too far: They can come for our elections, but they cannot attack the sovereignty of our colorful, chewy candies.

However, it turns out that the claim is true — and the reality isn't that green gummy bears are meant to taste like something else matching their color (such as broccoli or Martians), they are actually intended to release the flavor of strawberry. Obviously, such an intense revelation has shocked the world; but don't start screaming just yet — there's more to this discovery than meets the eye.

Gummy bear flavors vary between products

Predictably, social media users have been debating whether or not people should be surprised to learn that green gummy bears are strawberry flavored. Taking to Twitter, one commenter declared: "Lies! It's apple, forget all about this story and carry on as normal." Another, meanwhile, argued that true gummy bear fans already knew this, while one person said that they don't recognize any differences in the flavors of the bears — but that's only because they eat them too quickly to notice.

The fact that people have become confused by the real flavor of green gummy bears is understandable given that it differs between products. In Haribo's Starmix range, green gummy bears taste like strawberry; but, in its Goldbears product, they are flavored like apple. It's a similar story in Canada, where green Goldbears candies are apple flavored, and strawberry is assigned to light-red bears.

Considering these contrasting green gummy bear flavors, perhaps it really is best to take advice from Twitter: Just shovel handfuls into your mouth and enjoy the sugar boost.