Every Haribo Gummy Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

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"Kids and grownups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!" It's a slogan you've almost certainly heard before, associated with gummy bears as sugary visions dancing through your mind. While Haribo produces the world-famous Goldbears, there's a surprisingly massive world of Haribo gummy confections beyond the bears. All told, 24 varieties of Haribo gummy candies are currently offered in the United States (as well as limited edition products that come and go each year).

Though Goldbears continue to remain the best-selling gummy bears around, they may not actually be the tastiest gummy variety Haribo has to offer. To zoom in on the top flavors, we taste-tested every single Haribo gummy product available in the U.S., ranked them, and brought in a little support from our gummy-loving friends and industry experts. Here is every Haribo gummy flavor ranked from worst to best — and by worst, we really just mean the least great.

24. Berries

We're not saying Haribo Berries are bad — they're not! — but they do unfortunately rank last on our list of favorites, and plenty of candy connoisseurs agree with us. Of all the Haribo offerings in the country, Berries are simply the least impressive. Among the potential disappointments with these little candy nuggets is the bland, undefined flavor profile. While they certainly look like raspberries and blackberries, they don't really taste like them, nor does Haribo even claim they do; the brand simply describes them as "red and black berries," and the ingredients merely list artificial and natural flavors.

YouTube taste-tester Dining with Derek couldn't even get a specific flavor note out of them. He did note that the red berry had a more notable flavor than the black gummy (we agree), but ultimately, there wasn't much more to it than intense sweetness. A lifelong gummy fan found the Berries to be "awful," similarly complaining of a lack of flavor (via Walmart). 

Still, all hope for Berries is not lost, and there are some valid reasons to chow down on these bumpy bites. One Walmart shopper describes how the gummies are coated with tiny candy balls that offer a satisfying crunch and fun contrast to the soft center. If texture is your jam, these Berries may rank higher on your list. Overall, we like them, but we prefer everything else Haribo offers.

23. Z!NG Sour S'ghetti

If there's one area where Haribo appears to struggle most with its products and faithful fans, it's clearly the sour candies. With a current collection of four sour products easily recognizable by the catchy Z!NG label that graces their packaging, you'll find most of these toward the lower end of our ranking, and it's certainly not because we're sour on sour candy. We just don't love the execution of these particular tart treats, and customers seem to agree with us.

Z!NG Sour S'ghetti is an adorable concept of spaghetti noodles in sour strawberry, green apple, and blueberry flavors, each doused in a sour sugar coating that similarly dresses many sour candies, like Sour Patch Kids. Unfortunately, the "extra-sour" note Haribo advertises is noticeably lacking, and the texture is a serious misstep. An Influenster review reports that Sour S'ghetti aren't very sour at all and found the texture to be hard instead of chewy. Meanwhile, another customer review on Influenster went a step further, declaring they just weren't sour and were "super tough to chew." And, while one consumer mentioned the sour notes, she still complained there was no flavor, they were hard to chew, and the sugar coating caused a mess. She doesn't support Sour S'ghetti because there are better options out there, and we second this gripe.

22. Z!NG Sour Streamers

After what we've just said about the Haribo Z!NG collection, you shouldn't be too surprised to find yet another Z!NGer this low on the list. It's not that they're necessarily bad, they're just not all that good. We believe Z!NG Sour Streamers are a bit better than Sour S'ghetti though, but not everyone fully agrees with us. One Amazon customer seemed offended that Haribo was even marketing this as a different product, complaining that these wider strips of sour candy are nothing more than "un-cut" S'ghetti. And while the flavors do vary a bit, we agree there's not much else that distinguishes them.

Haribo describes the orange, cherry, apple, and blue raspberry selection of Z!NG Sour Streamers as having an "electrifying flavor." However, those flavors aren't necessarily universal hits. One Influenster review found all the flavors to be more sweet than sour and didn't enjoy the orange flavor. Another customer agreed the orange was not the best, despite being a fan of the product overall. We found that the wider shape offered a better chew than the tough-to-eat S'ghetti, and the increased flavor count added welcome variety that placed Sour Streamers slightly higher in our ranking.

21. Mini Rainbow Frogs

There's a good chance Haribo's Mini Rainbow Frogs will hop their tiny way right into your heart just by looking at them, but you may find yourself less intrigued once you have a taste. These little cuties come in four colors (green, red, yellow, and orange) with white bellies, and they look as cheery and enticing as one could hope. However, we found that the flavor quality isn't quite as high as most other Haribo products, and customers appear to have noticed the same. In fact, one Amazon customer alleges they're made in Turkey specifically for the American market. Meanwhile, products sold in Europe are made in Germany, presumably with higher standards. We're not sure how true this is, but we did notice the inferior taste.

We generally love the diminutive nature of these frogs, but if you're a fan of Haribo's green frogs (which rank higher on this list), you're likely to be as disappointed in these as an Amazon reviewer who complained that they're just too small. Warning: If you are going to have these delivered and live in a warm climate, you may want to reconsider, or at least choose the optimal (i.e., coolest) season. Sure, most gummy candies run the risk of melting in high heat, but these tiny guys are so small they tend to melt quickly into a giant gummy blob that may leave you as unsatisfied as one Amazon-verified purchaser.

20. Z!NG Sour Kicks

We swear we're not hating on the Z!NG collection just for fun (or even hating on it at all), but Z!NG Sour Kicks also rank toward the bottom of our list. Again, it's primarily because of the lack of sour performance — a common complaint we've already seen with the collection. Unlike the other products, Z!NG Sour Kicks come without an exterior sugar coating, and it's also what sets Haribo Z!NG gummies apart from other brands. While many candies only include a sour coating surrounding regular gummies, Haribo gummies themselves are sour-flavored, a concept we applaud.

The Walmart reviews are mostly positive, and we agree with one customer who praises the lack of sugar coating, which she finds abrasive on the roof of her mouth in other varieties. A World Market verified purchaser who also loves Z!NG Sour Kicks finds these gummy sneakers to have a great flavor balance with just "a small kick of sour." Considering this is purely an attribute of sour candy, it's not saying much. The candy pros from the All City Candy YouTube channel agree with us; upon taste-testing the candies, the two reviewers were underwhelmed and described them with the phrases: "hint of sour" and "kind of sour." These cute kicks aren't terribly impressive, but they're definitely among the better Z!NG varieties.

19. Watermelon

It's easy to agree that Haribo Watermelon gummies resemble cute illustrations of watermelon slices, but consensus on these sugary snacks tends to stop there. Some candy flavors have developed instantly recognizable profiles entirely distinct from their real-life counterparts – grape flavor, anyone? Watermelon candy seems to be in this category, which may be why so many consumers disagree on whether this product tastes like watermelon at all. Regardless, these tricolor gummies are certainly fun to look at, and they're an easy chew that's markedly softer than many Haribo varieties. To some, that's a plus, but if you're looking for the signature bite of a Haribo gummy, it's not here.

The folks at Candy Gurus confess that soft candies are not usually their top choice, but Haribo Watermelons are an exception, so don't count them out even if you're generally not a fan. As for the taste debate, one Amazon consumer raves about them and insists they "taste exactly like watermelon," while another reviewer wanted to gag after tasting the "intensely artificial" flavoring they likened to watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Yet another customer wrote it "does not taste like watermelon," although they were still satisfied. 

In our professional opinion, they're all saying the same thing in dramatically different ways, because these do taste fairly consistently like watermelon ... flavoring. For many people, that's exactly what we expect from watermelon candy. However, if you're looking for the taste of the actual fruit then you will be disappointed.

18. Rattle-Snakes

Fundamentally, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Haribo Rattle-Snakes. Conversely, there's nothing particularly innovative about them either, as they're very much like another Haribo product already on the market, so we're not really sure why these even exist. While we support having a variety of fun shapes even in the same flavors and textures, Rattle-Snakes are essentially just smooth gummy worms. Before we drill down on that though, let's look at what others say.

One Rattle-Snakes fan says they're a hit with both kids and adults (hello, slogan reference!), delivering on the flavor and quality one expects from Haribo (via Influenster). We agree. Similarly, another Influenster reviewer loves that they're a low-fat candy option that is still both juicy and sweet. Here's where we start to question these slithery serpents and their biggest fans: One fan describes Rattle-Snakes as a "fun twist on the traditional gummy treat," which is the case from the nearly identical shape to the dual-flavor most gummy worms offer. For this reason, we reiterate that Rattle-Snakes look, taste, and chew fine, but there's really no need to be selling almost identical products under two different names.

17. Dinosaurs

Let's start with the obvious: Dinosaurs are awesome in general. You'd almost have to set out intentionally hating dinosaurs in order not to find them fascinating, cool, or at least cute. Haribo Dinosaurs elicit a similar response, especially visually. They come in several dino shapes, like stegosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops, and t-rex, and their gradient coloring adds plenty of visual intrigue. The flavors are generally enjoyable too and include mango, banana, strawberry, melon, and black currant. Don't be fooled into thinking they're multiflavored just because they're multicolored.

While one Influenster fan ranks them among her top Haribo choices thanks to their flavor and juiciness, most positive reviews come with a hint of nostalgia or reference to children, who appear to be the top market for Dinosaurs as far as the customer reviews indicate. Meanwhile, another reviewer loves the gummies because they bring up memories of trading them with friends in elementary school. An Amazon-verified purchaser chimes in to say their grandson and his friends loved them on cupcakes as edible cake decor. And hey, even if you just want these for yourself, there's nothing wrong with appealing to your own inner child and chomping down on some adorable dinosaurs as an adult (maybe don't play with them first, though).

16. Frogs

Continuing with the nostalgia theme, Haribo Frogs appear to have more of a cult following based strictly on childhood connection than any other Haribo product, and we don't mind it. In an Amazon review, a customer admitted to loving the gummies simply because they still had the same taste he remembered as a kid. Meanwhile, another fan pledged lifelong allegiance to the little hoppers, using phrases like "Frogs for life" and "Frogs til I die."

Though they're as cheery green as any frog you'd visualize in your mind, Haribo Frogs are actually peach flavored and come with a white foam bottom that provides a little more softness than you might otherwise get from a larger gummy. We're big fans of this combo and totally understand why others are too. The white bellies appear to serve an additional purpose that turns out to be helpful for shipping. 

As one customer observed, they don't stick together the way many gummies do after sitting in a package too long (or at high temperatures), and we suspect that's mainly due to the foam bellies. Another fan adds that they also don't stick to your teeth, which is definitely a welcome bonus, especially if you're snacking during an office meeting or at a party (via Influenster).

15. Alphabet Letters

Unsurprisingly, Haribo Alphabet Letters seem to especially appeal to children learning the alphabet and to older family members helping them. One Influenster reviewer helps teach her nephew by only allowing him to eat the letters he can recognize. We certainly applaud any treat that aids in education. Still, it's a bit of a mixed bag for us when it comes to ranking this product.

A common sentiment toward many Haribo gummies, as one fan writes on Influenster, is that they are "so fruity and delicious," and we agree. In fact, they share the same five flavors as Haribo Goldbears, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they taste as fruity, but they do tend to suffer from some unnecessary firmness. Popular YouTube reviewer Lucky Penny Shop actually found them to be "very firm," and while that can be relative or even influenced by packaging date or retail location, we also found them tough to chew at times. We suspect this is because many letters are quite thin, ultimately affecting the overall texture. All in all, they're definitely fun and can be slightly educational, but they're no match for some of Haribo's more unique varieties.

14. Z!NG Sour Bites

See, we told you weren't just biased against all Z!NG varieties. Z!NG Sour Bites are clearly the champions of the Z!NG collection and place a respectable 14th in our overall ranking. This product avoids the overly chewy texture some other Z!NG varieties suffer by providing a soft interior ringed by a firmer shell (and yes, they're coated in a sour sugar like most other Z!NG offerings). They also come with more taste, as each bite is dual flavor, with combinations like lemon and lime, strawberry and lemon, watermelon and red raspberry, and blue and red raspberry. The experts at Candy Gurus agree that both flavors are actually discernible in each piece, which is a major plus in our books.

One fan and verified-Amazon purchaser gave the Z!NG Sour Bites a five-star review and wrote that the little logs rank toward the top of their all-time favorite sour candies (though not number one). We agree that they deserve similar recognition, especially for outperforming the rest of the Z!NG collection by leaps and bounds. Still, they're not the best gummy Haribo has to offer (not even in the top half, in our opinion). YouTube candy reviewer Claire Loves Candy agrees, describing a "weird consistency" of a waxy interior with a gummy shell that left a strange impression. If you're really into sour candy though, you'll probably still enjoy these, so give them a try.

13. Twin Snakes

More snakes! You probably think we're going to complain that Haribo already has a snake product, especially since we made a similar comment about the Rattle-Snakes, but that's not the case here. Haribo Twin Snakes are noticeably different from Rattle-Snakes, offering two connected snakes at the same time with a unique sweet and sour flavor combo. Pull them apart to alternate between sweet and sour or gobble the duo whole to experience the entire spectrum in one mouthful — we like them both ways, and you probably will too. YouTube reviewer Ron's Food Reviews! supports our theory, noting that there's just a "touch of sour and a little bit of sweetness," making these a "safe bet for everyone."

Haribo Twin Snakes fan agrees that these gummies pack just the right balance of sweet and sour between the pair (via Influenster). Another reviewer also loves the flavors and appreciates the double fun provided by the duo of snakes, as well as their enjoyable texture. In fact, the consistency is a design enhancement that could have helped Rattle-Snakes distinguish themselves from some brands' gummy worms, and possibly move up a few spots on our ranking.

12. Mega-Roulette

Introducing the top half of our glorious gummy rankings, Haribo Mega-Roulette brings the same five signature flavors of Goldbears (strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, lemon, and orange) to a large roll of gummy discs. Unlike the rest of the Haribo U.S. family which is sold in bags, these come in a cylindrical stack. 

One reviewer confirmed to Influenster that they taste just like "normal Haribo gummy bears," and we're not surprised to read this for two reasons: We also agree since they're literally the same flavors. But it does bear mentioning because size and shape could certainly affect the juiciness and mouthfeel of the product. The Mega-Roulette discs do, in fact, deliver a very similar experience to Goldbears. One satisfied gummy fan is particularly fond of the packaging, which makes it easy to snag a quick gummy or two before twisting up the roll and stashing the rest for later. The distinct difference between these discs and the classic Goldbears, as one satisfied consumer highlights, is that they are chewier (via Bed Bath & Beyond).

11. Rainbow Worms

While we've harped on some of Haribo's other varieties for being just a bit too similar to classic gummy worms, the same can't be said for the Rainbow Worms, which are a cut above the traditional ones wriggling about candy shops worldwide. Rather than thin strands of gummy candy in single or dual flavors, Haribo Rainbow Worms each pack the full rainbow gradient. The commitment to delivering extra doesn't stop with visuals — it also includes taste. Each worm works its way through lemon, strawberry, and black currant flavors, as you chew through the satisfyingly defined segments of its plump little body. Yum.

YouTube reviewer LeggLife agrees that Haribo Rainbow Worms are the best gummy worms on the market and, though we admit we haven't tried every gummy worm in the world, we also find them better than any other we've tasted. Aside from the solid chew factor of these big boys, it's the distinct flavor profile that really sets these apart. Happy customers appreciate the ability to distinguish all three flavors in each worm (via Walmart).

10. Peaches

If you've gotten this far, you must have a sweet tooth as big as ours, and we're impressed. The most common gummy peach candy is undoubtedly the peach ring, but we're not exactly sure why that is nor do we think it's warranted. Sure, peach rings are pretty good, but Haribo Peaches are vastly superior both in flavor and texture.

YouTube reviewer Miss Pickle Potts commends Haribo Peaches for their super strong peach flavor and noticeably chewy consistency, and we couldn't agree more. While peach rings certainly aren't soft, Haribo Peaches have no hole in the center, so there's more opportunity for a real gummy chew rather than the mere toughness of a thin ring. Another peaches fan loves the "deep and rich peachy flavor" these juicy bites bring. Meanwhile, one Influenster reviewer only rated them four stars, but that's pretty high praise from a self-described chocolate lover who doesn't typically go for gummy candies. While she was surprised by how much she enjoyed them, we have no doubt Haribo Peaches were able to convert her. They're that special.

9. Sour Goldbears

The Goldbear is the king of the Haribo family, but you'll have to climb further up the ranking to find more on that. In the meantime, meet Haribo Sour Goldbears, which are essentially the same classic gummy bears in the same five flavors (strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange, and pineapple), but with a sour sugar coating that brings the dual sweet-and-sour sensation to your tastebuds. Keep in mind that the Sour Goldbears themselves are not sour-flavored, which is why they're not part of the Z!NG collection.

While they may not officially be one of the Z!NG products, one Amazon-verified purchaser commented they loved the extra "zing" Haribo Sour Goldbears provide without delivering an overpowering sensation of sour to the mouth. Meanwhile, a Home Tester Club member also appreciated that Sour Goldbears aren't overly sticky and have a satisfying texture, and a fellow consumer proclaimed that there were no bad flavors in the bag because they were all delicious.

8. Fizzy Cola

Gummy cola bottles are nothing new, and Haribo's classic version ranks just a few spots higher on our list. However, Haribo Fizzy Cola offers a little something extra with its tangy and sour sugar coating that adds a bit of that carbonated fizz you enjoy from a true cola soda. We love the creativity and added sensation that comes with Fizzy Cola, and we're especially fond of the tang that is harder to find among the rest of the Haribo collection — or gummy candies in general.

A Fizzy Cola fan was baffled by Haribo's ability to deliver a true cola flavor, and showed her appreciation with a five-star review on Influenster, adding that she also loved the fizzy sensation provided by the flavored sugar coating. Another Influenster reviewer agreed that they truly taste like cola, and was pleased with the number of tangy bottles in each bag. Finally, another consumer confessed that she doesn't like actual cola but enjoys Haribo Fizzy Cola. We suspect there may be several more people out there who would feel the same. Haribo's cola gummies have a distinct consistency that liquid cola just can't deliver.

7. Happy Cherries

If you were asked to illustrate a few fruits, chances are you might doodle a pair of cherries, and that's because they're super cute and instantly recognizable. Therefore, we shouldn't be surprised to find that Haribo's cherry variety comes in the same quintessential pairing, colored a vibrant red and rich green that only adds to the cheer inherent in their name, Happy Cherries. From cherry pie to maraschino garnishes, cherries are a go-to burst of sweetness, and Haribo Happy Cherries are no different.

A Happy Cherries fan on Candy Funhouse raved that they "taste like real cherries," and while we don't completely agree, we appreciate the sentiment as the flavor is exactly what we'd hope. Another candy lover provided a more accurate description of the flavor when she described the gummies on Influenster as having "more of a wild cherry flavor," which is precisely the candy-cherry profile they deliver. 

Both of these reviews are hinting at the same point: They're exactly what we expect from a cherry candy. Meanwhile, another reviewer adds a critical point that speaks to why we've ranked them so high on our Haribo list. Their comment details the perfect chew that Happy Cherries offer which provides a seriously satisfying experience without dissolving to nothingness or being overly hard.

6. Happy-Cola

It's time to return to the happy world of cola for a moment to recognize Haribo Happy-Cola and its high ranking. While it's true that this product offers fewer bells and whistles than Fizzy Cola, forsaking the sugar coating that delivers that carbonated cola sensation and extra tang, we find the purer version to be even better. Haribo fans seem to agree too — not that we'd alter our professional opinion for the masses!

As with Fizzy Cola, fans of Happy-Cola agree that these gummies deliver a true cola flavor and are enjoyable even if you don't like the liquid stuff (via Viewpoints). We're not sure how this phenomenon continues to persist, but it seems Haribo is able to make believers out of cola-haters with both of its cola gummies. Another customer on Viewpoints commented that both she and her daughter agree these truly taste like cola, and she appreciates that you can't eat too many in one sitting, even if the reason is that they are too sweet for consistent gorging. 

Candyblog doesn't rave about Happy-Cola, wishing for more of the spiced flavor of cola and less of the citrus notes found in the gummies, but appreciates their eatability. The blogger especially enjoys them as a summer gummy snack, which sounds perfect for sunny road trips and munching, so it's a big yes to Happy-Cola from us.

5. Ginger-Lemon

You may not be as familiar with Haribo Ginger-Lemon gummies, and that's okay. If you're a traditional American candy connoisseur, you can't really be blamed for not instantly recognizing a flavor combo that has long been more popular in Europe than in the United States (per CSP Magazine). However, it's time to wake up to Ginger-Lemon, which Haribo brought to the States in 2012, because this candy is delicious.

Americans are less accustomed to ginger as a dessert or candy flavor, so it's understandable that many would find the profile a bit strong for a gummy treat. Nonetheless, Candy Gurus reassures consumers that this product leaves behind the heavy-handed flavoring that other ginger goodies pack, opting for a gentler blend of citrus and spice. One Amazon-verified purchaser comments that they are intense, but in the best way, and similarly applauds the citrus-ginger combo. 

If you're worried that you might not actually enjoy them, go ahead and grab a bag anyway; if they're not your jam, you can always hand them out to friends, neighbors, and office receptionists. That's what one Amazon reviewer did to avoid eating too many of these delicious treats. While we're probably a little too gummy-greedy to give any away ourselves, we totally get where they're coming from. Haribo Ginger-Lemon gummies are almost too good.

4. Funtastic Mix

As the package itself proclaims, Funtastic Mix offers a "sweet and playful" assortment of vibrant gummies in a variety of shapes you wouldn't otherwise find, delivered in the fun flavor combos that make Haribo a hit worldwide. You can expect plenty of novel shapes like robots, chameleons, and racecars that you won't find in other Haribo bags.

One happy customer loves the different shapes in each Funtastic Mix bag and her family agrees, competing to snag their favorites before they're snatched by relatives. We are equally impressed with the variety of fun shapes and colors and don't mind fighting for our favorites. An Amazon-verified purchaser commented that her children love this mix so very much that she's even willing to overlook the unhealthy qualities of candy and sibling rivalries over favorite shapes caused by the Funtastic Mix. 

Meanwhile, YouTube taste tester Tami Dunn's only complaint was that there wasn't an even distribution of shapes in her sample. Having opened bags of candy before, we're not sure why this is a surprise to anyone and certainly don't consider it a legitimate complaint. This mix rocks, offering a great variety of chewy gummies in fun shapes with loads of flavor.

3. Starmix

At last, the Haribo medalists. Coming in third is Starmix, the better of the two Haribo assorted products. Taking the opposite approach of the Funtastic Mix, Starmix eschews novelty in favor of absolute classics, including Happy Cherries, Happy-Cola, Goldbears, and Twin Snakes, most of which you'll find in the top ten of this very ranking. You'll also get a taste of Haribo Gummi Rings here, which you'll otherwise only be able to find in Europe.

One happy customer, who is particularly fond of Haribo gummies in general, seemed particularly overjoyed to find so many treats from their favorite brand in a single bag. However, an Influenster reviewer was bummed to find too many classic Goldbears in the mix. We absolutely love Haribo Goldbears and think that any all-star variety pack should feature them prominently, so we refuse to knock Starmix down any spots for this reason. Another fan put it very simply (and we deem their assessment the most accurate and relevant), declaring Starmix as a five-star variety simply for having so many Haribo favorites in a single bag. You can't miss out on Starmix if variety is the goal.

2. Goldbears

Goldbears are the reason most Americans have ever heard of Haribo, plain and simple. They're among the most delicious and pure of Haribo's wide gummy offerings, and while you may think Goldbears should automatically be number one on this list, we have our reasons for letting another variety sneak past them on our ranking, which you'll understand soon enough. In the meantime, back to the bears.

By now, you should be aware that the five classic flavors of Goldbears are strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange, and pineapple, but it's likely the texture that sets Haribo's gummy bears apart from the rest of the market. The harder consistency is popular among a number of Reddit fans. So, how does Haribo do it? Chemistry! One Reddit user writes that Haribo Goldbears are made with pure gelatin, making them firmer and more resistant to pressure than other gummy products that use pectin and starch in varying quantities. 

While you'll find the occasional detractor from a nice chewy gummy, it's clearly the reason that so many fans keep returning to Haribo, and Haribo alone. As the most instantly recognizable Haribo product that comes in a shiny gold bag, Goldbears easily snag second place in our ranking of all Haribo products available in the United States.

1. Fruit Salad

There's certainly no gummy candy that ranks super high on a health scale, but at least with this Haribo variety, you can honestly say you're eating fruit salad. That's not why we're ranking it number one, though. Haribo Fruit Salad is a delicious sugar-dusted gummy harvest that includes peach, orange, cherry, lemon, grapefruit, and passionfruit, and fans agree the flavors are as perfect as the textures.

One Influenster reviewer wrote that Fruit Salad gummies not only strike the right note of sweetness but also offer the famous Haribo chew that you don't often find in other gummy or jelly fruit candies. Another fan agrees that the texture can't be beaten and applauds the wide mix of fruity flavors that she describes as varyingly bright, mellow, and exotic. A happy customer best describes the Fruit Salad texture by writing, "the soft inside is amazing but you still have that nice crunch on the outside," thanks to that sugary coating (hey, we already warned you this wasn't ranking high because of its health benefits). This product may not be as famous as the Goldbears, but we think it should be.