Aldi's Dessert Dips Are The Epitome Of Summer Bliss

Aldi has already claimed the spot of the UK's most popular grocery store, but we think it's about time we also offer Aldi some sort of honorary title for its dips. After all, Aldi has a dip for every single season.

For summer, of course, the chain has brought out two more dessert dips, in the flavors of lemon bar and carrot cake. As the Instagram account, Aldi Made Me Do It, points out, Aldi has about a million different variations of its dessert dips, but that doesn't mean fans won't still do their best to try every flavor they can get their hands on.

Shoppers who had already tried the new dips recommended enjoying them with snacks like pretzels, Nilla Wafers, graham crackers, and fruit. Another person said they paired the carrot cake dip with, well, carrots. Others said they used the dip in their own recipes. Dare we say we're intrigued?

Creative ways to use Aldi dessert dips at home

Look, no one's going to judge if you just want to swipe some Nilla Wafers through your lemon bar-flavored Aldi dessert dip and call it a day. In fact, that sounds amazing. However, these dips truly have so much more potential than Aldi lets on, and Instagram isn't about to let their praises go unheard.

One fun way to use these dips is as a spread. Because these two dips in particular use Neufchatel cheese – which is similar to cream cheese – you could easily use them as a tasty bagel schmear. What's more, because Neufchatel is a great cream cheese substitution in cheesecake, you could try your hand at a homemade Aldi dessert dip cheesecake. You could also potentially use the lemon bar dip in place of Neufchatel in My Food & Family's creamy lemon squares recipe. In other words, whatever Neufchatel or cream cheese recipe you have laying around, experiment with Aldi's dessert dips for a pop of extra flavor.