Aldi Was Just Named This Country's Most Popular Grocery Store

According to Aldi's website, the chain's first U.S. store opened in 1976 in Iowa, but the company has grown considerably ever since. The grocery chain is now a go-to for many shoppers. From Aldi finds that are perfect for pumpkin fans to finding a great deal on meat and fish, you know you'll be able to find seasonal and everyday products for a low price.

Aldi has a large and loyal fanbase, and people even tried to describe their love for the grocery store in one word as a response to a post on Aldi's Instagram page. But despite the dedication of Aldi fans in the United States, another country has even more Aldi customers.

Based on a YouGov poll, Aldi was named the most popular grocery store in the United Kingdom. The poll's results show that Aldi has a popularity of 76%, but M&S Food is close behind with a popularity rating of 75%. According to the Retail Gazette, Aldi communications director Richard Thornton attributed Aldi's popularity to the combination of low prices with its high-quality products.

How popular is Aldi in other countries?

Given that Aldi started in Germany, it shouldn't be too surprising that this particular chain is quite popular in its home country. Statistica explains that in 2019, Aldi was the most popular discount supermarket, and out of the people surveyed, more than 65% had been shopping at Aldi in the last six months.

Over time, Aldi has also become increasingly popular in the United States. According to an article from CNN, in 2021, Aldi plans to open 100 new locations in the United States, added to the present 2,000 locations throughout the country. The CNN article also mentions that Aldi is currently on the way to becoming the third largest grocery store chain, following behind Kroger and Walmart by number of stores.

Will we one day see Aldi as the most popular grocery store chain in the United States as well? (Even if you do have to pay for your shopping cart?)