Why Are We Limiting English Muffins To Just Breakfast?

The English muffin is the breakfast bread that never fails. Along with cereal, it probably was our morning favorite while growing up. Either homemade or store-bought, English muffins are soft circular bread with a crusty exterior, the star of any breakfast sandwich. We love it because it's solid enough to hold creamy eggs, bacon, avocado, cheese, and so on. It's also a favorite in some fast food chains' breakfasts menu, like Starbucks, McDonald's, and Dunkin'. But, if we enjoy this bread so much, why are we sticking with it in the morning?

English muffins can be part of our lunches and dinner: We can get a sandwich size at the nearest store and use our English muffins as burger buns. Think of classic beef patties, turkey burgers, shrimp burgers, or a tasty vegetarian burger made with portobello. Our sandwich array can go on: Use English muffins to prepare grilled cheese sandwiches, BLT, tuna salad sandwiches, chicken or egg sandwiches, and paninis.

You can also open both sides of the bread so you can make a version of an English muffin pizza. It can also be a base for the famous avocado toast or any breakfast topping. Now that you see your English muffin with other eyes, perhaps you are wondering what your fellow foodies have it with.

English muffin make a simple and healthy snack

We tend to think that our daily snack should be a boring bag of almonds, but the more filling our healthy snack is, the better. This way, we won't be tempted to continue finding something to ease our hunger. English muffins can be part of that moment. It is definitely a healthier bread when compared to other breakfast bread like croissants, bagels, biscuits, or white bread. English muffins are lower in calories and a great source of fiber and vitamins (via Healthline). Of course, try to avoid it if you are into a gluten-free diet, or try getting gluten-free ones.

Now how can you have it as a healthy snack? The toppings can be savory or sweet (or both!). On a Reddit thread, some suggested butter, marmite, or a peanut butter and honey combo (or jelly, as a childhood tribute). A user went beyond and suggested having "English muffin toasted, peanut butter, sliced bananas, [a] drizzle of honey and sprinkled flaky sea salt." Replace banana with sliced apple or strawberries. Sounds like dessert, isn't it?

For the savory side, we can't stop thinking of a sandwich: Add hummus, feta cheese, spinach, and tomatoes for a Mediterranean twist. Or pesto, pastrami, and mozzarella cheese for an Italian-inspired sensation. English muffins are quite versatile and the recipe seems endless, so it is definitely a bread that deserves to go beyond breakfast.