All Of The Unexpected Ingredients To Add To Your Breakfast Toast

Oh yes, avocado toast is probably the simplest but most delicious recipe ever invented for breakfast. Picture a perfectly toasted sourdough bread with olive oil, mashed avocado with the right amount of sea salt, and a soft squeeze of lemon over it all. And finally, imagine pouring yourself a cup of coffee with it — just divine!

Have those obsessed with avocado toast wondered if there is any chance of even better toppings? Actually, there might be, depending on each person's morning palate. A toast of bread is a canvas that can transform into a sweet, salty, bitter, sour, or even umami breakfast, depending on the toppings you choose. Yes, toasts can be easily reinvented. The best part is that, no matter the ingredients, breakfast toasts are a good option for busy mornings, and usually take less than 10 minutes to prepare. From figs to kimchi, there are tons of unexpected, healthy, and delicious ingredients to upgrade your favorite morning treat. 

Use fruits like figs as natural sweeteners for toast

Go beyond your toasted bread with jam, and choose natural fruits. Fruits include a mix of sucrose, fructose, and glucose, in other words, sugar (via The Conversation). Simple recipes can feature toasted bread with greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, or cream cheese with your favorite berries on top. If looking for additional sweeteners, use honey, maple syrup, or agave, for that juiciness to go with the crunchiness of the bread.

Fancier recipes feature fruits like figs, pomegranates, or dates, normally used on charcuterie boards. Figs are tender fruits, a bit jammy, and with a caramel-style texture. Just like with the berries, put some fresh sliced figs or dried figs over ricotta cheese with honey on top (via EatingWell). Tasty suggests replacing ricotta cheese with light cream cheese to go with figs, which you can serve with a pinch of basil or mint for that earthy fresh touch.

If craving carbs, try caramelizing your bananas next time they are overripe, preferably in small slices, and put them over a large piece of toasted bread. Imagine it's just like a french toast with fewer steps, that can also feature cinnamon, whipped cream, and maple syrup.

From goat cheese to feta, any choice of cheese is welcome

Feel free to choose the cheese of your preference, and the texture you like the most. Over your toasted bread, add shredded mozzarella or burrata on top, and put it in the oven so the cheese can melt over it — yes, like Hailey Bieber does on her famous pizza toast. Or, go for baked brie with honey and walnuts, crumbled blue cheese over your classic avocado toast, a spread of feta over hummus, and more.

A healthy and delicious option is goat cheese, filled with vitamins and proteins. You can enjoy it simply and with few ingredients, just like Wolfgang Puck did (via Food and Wine). Blend your goat cheese with other herbs and spread over your toasted bread. If you're feeling fancy, add some nuts and honey for sweetness, or sun-dried tomatoes or garlic confit for a more savory breakfast. All of these cheesy touches can include a fried egg on top — it's breakfast after all!

Use umami ingredients and spice up your breakfast

Next time you want to upgrade your classic avocado toast, go for kimchi. According to Healthline, this Korean way to preserve veggies we know as kimchi is rich in nutrients and probiotics, and is an excellent immune system booster. Brown Sugar and Vanilla suggests combining chopped avocado with kimchi, sesame seeds, salt, and spreading your bread with mayo or leaving it plain. You can also add a poached egg on top to go along with that slight spicy flavor. If you find you are a fan, try toast topped with olives mixed with grains like chickpeas or corn. Alternatively, look for piquillo peppers to serve over any spread of cheese, just like Food & Wine recommends, or stick with your classic avocado toast with sriracha or, like Self suggests, edamame for that extra protein boost.

Toppings are limitless, and they all depend on you. Consider your toast a canvas and play with ingredients.