When Life Gives You An Almost Empty Nutella Jar, Make Ice Cream

If you are obsessed with Nutella, chances are you want to enjoy every last spoonful. You're in luck: TikTok has been obsessed with using nearly empty Nutella jars to make ice cream — without needing an ice cream maker.

All you need is an almost empty jar of Nutella, some cream or milk, a milk frother, your freezer, and possibly a little sugar (optional). After you use a milk frother to combine the remaining Nutella in the jar with milk or cream, put the lid on and freeze it for a few hours, then enjoy! If you don't have a milk frother, add all the ingredients to the Nutella jar, put the lid back on, and vigorously shake it up to thoroughly mix the milk and Nutella.

After a TikTok creator shared their easy Nutella frozen dessert hack, people had questions. First, the video included sugar in the intro, but it was not seen during the recipe walkthrough. Next, this demonstration sparked a debate on whether milk or cream is better. The majority of comments favored cream. One commenter suggested, "if [you are] in the U.K. it's just double cream if [you are} in the U.S. its whipping cream with Nutella." Debates aside, this recipe is pretty forgiving — but it may take a little trial and error to dial in the proper ratio of Nutella to milk and the overall freezing time. 

Other ways to make TikTok's Nutella ice cream

We love a couple of things about this Nutella frozen dessert hack. First, it is an easy way to avoid wasting Nutella. The second reason is its versatility. By switching the ingredients and technique, you're likely to discover your perfect final product after a bit of experimentation. Many TikTok creators have shared variations on this simple recipe, which may offer a good jumping-off point. 


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If Nutella isn't your jam, a similar hack works with other jarred products like peanut butter. The technique is much the same. Some variations involve substituting the milk for heavy whipping cream, coconut cream, or sweetened condensed milk. Some TikTokers find that using a type of cream results in a texture similar to a rich gelato or ice cream. Others have tried different freezing times that range from only a couple of hours to overnight.

Some people prefer this recipe to be made with additional sugar, while others may find the Nutella and milk sweet enough for their taste. Whatever variation, this hack is a fun and easy way to enjoy every last drop of Nutella. But first, you need that nearly empty jar. If you're ready to try the recipe now and are looking for a way to empty your Nutella jar, you may enjoy this easy three-ingredient Nutella brownie recipe.