The Best Tool To Cut Cheese (Without A Cheese Wire) Is One You Already Own

Let's say you're putting together a cheese board, or setting out some cheese for guests. You want everything to look nice, so you go digging through your kitchen drawers looking for your cheese wire — the tool with a thin piece of wire attached that effortlessly slices through the cheese while at the same time giving you perfectly sized pieces. It's nowhere to be found! You can't just hack at the block of cheese with a knife like a caveman, you'll end up with irregular slices. Simply unacceptable.

Fake crisis aside, there is actually a tool in your kitchen that's perfect for slicing cheese, and you almost certainly have it. It's a fork. Yes, a fork. See, the tines of a fork are the perfect width apart for a slice of cheese, not too thin but not too thick. A slice of cheese the width of the space between the tines of a fork will give you an ideal cheese-to-cracker ratio.

TikToker convinoboard shows how it works — line up one of the outer tines of the fork with the short edge of the block of cheese and gently press into the cheese. When you remove the fork you'll be left with the indentations, just slice in between them with a sharp knife, and voila! Perfect cheese slices!

That's not the only tip in the TikTok video

Convinoboard's fork hack isn't the only tip you'll get from that video though. If you look at the knife they use you'll see that it has four large holes along the blade.


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The knife they use is specifically a cheese knife, and those holes aren't there for show. They actually create large spaces where the cheese will not adhere to or slide along the knife. This helps prevents the slice of cheese from sticking to the blade, meaning you don't have to pull it off. If you're cutting a particularly crumbly block of cheese, like say an English cheddar, this will also give you an edge on getting a full slice without it breaking into pieces.

So you can actually think of this TikTok tip as two hacks in one video. First, you don't need to look for (or go out and buy) a cheese wire, just use a fork to get perfectly sized cheese slices. Second, use a cheese knife that has large holes throughout the blade to prevent your cheese from sticking to the knife as you slice the block of cheese. Pair those tips with our list of grocery store cheeses that make a perfect cheese board and you're well on your way to fromage greatness.