The McDonald's Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry Fail Is Going To Make Wendy's Superior

McDonald's is notorious for how often its ice cream machines are "down," or at least that's what the employees tell the customers. Visit any social media platform, and you can find hundreds of comments on the issue, including a humorous Tweet from McDonald's, acknowledging the commonness of the malfunction. "We have a joke about our soft serve machine, but we're worried it won't work," the tweet read.

But when the machine went down before a customer requested the new strawberry shortcake McFlurry, the customer received a lot more than an apology. The customer shared the experience in a TikTok video, which shows her holding a cup filled to the top with strawberry shortcake toppings.

"Guess what? Ice cream machine was down, so they told me to go to Wendy's and get some ice cream," she said with a chuckle. In her caption, she indicated that she was not charged for the toppings. The video has received hundreds of comments, with some saying that McDonald's hooked her up. Others said the toppings in the strawberry shortcake McFlurry isn't worth buying anyway, but other viewers questioned the validity of the incident entirely.

She received a lot more toppings than she would have in a full McFlurry

Although the TikToker @kayyeatts initially said McDonald's "did her dirty," one follower gave her an optimistic perspective. "I feel like they hooked you up. You're getting way more toppings," the comment read. But when she tasted the toppings, she found them to be underwhelming. In another comment, she said she didn't like them. Some customers added that the toppings taste "stale" and are "nasty."


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Some followers praised McDonald's for offering a plan B and giving the customer free toppings, instead of just dishing out an empty apology and leaving her empty-handed. "It's nice that they gave you an alternative like that. Shows that they care," the comment read. "At least they had a solution," another follower said.

But other viewers had some not-so-positive things to say about the post because they doubted that the incident happened as the video creator said it did. One person accused her of requesting a cup of toppings without ice cream and then lying about the machine being down. Another viewer, who claimed to be a McDonald's employee, implied that she bought the toppings from a grocery store and fabricated the story for likes and comments on TikTok. 

Despite the skeptics, @kayyeatss stood by her claim that the incident did actually happen. Oh, and by the way, as she revealed in the comments, she didn't go to Wendy's for the ice cream because she didn't like the toppings anyway.