Why You Should Be Mixing Your Packet Of Taco Seasoning With Water

Seasoning your taco meat while it cooks can turn it into a flavor cruise, and a good cruise usually involves water. If you've never added water to the mix before, you might be wondering just how necessary this is. After all, many packaged seasonings have cornstarch as an ingredient to prevent clumping, which allows them to be used effectively as dry rubs. Even recipes for homemade taco seasoning that don't include cornstarch can be used to cook meat without stirring it in water.

But by adding water to your taco seasoning, you essentially create a sauce for the meat to simmer in. TikTok user @fleebie22 demonstrates this in a video captioned "My 19 yr old niece taught me to mix the taco seasoning with water before adding to the meat." She pours a packet of taco seasoning into a small cup of water, whisks them together, and dumps them over her cooking meat.

Add water to your taco seasoning to create a sauce

This tip might not seem like a revelation to everyone. Many commenters on TilTok were quick to point out that the instructions on most taco seasoning packets will already say to add water. But others seem surprised, saying they've never incorporated water before. Whether someone is a seasoned pro at this approach or completely new to it, there are some things to consider.


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It's important not to add too much water, which can result in a soupy mess, or too little, which won't allow it to mix enough. Some people thought that the TikToker used too much. So what's a good amount? McCormick's website notes that to make tacos with its seasoning, you should mix the packet (28 grams of seasoning) with ¾ of a cup of water. But a number of viewers had other ideas. Some commenters prefer to mix the seasoning with jarred taco sauce or enchilada sauce. At least one person even claimed to use milk. Either way, it might be time for your taco nights to get a little saucier.