How To Keep Your Berries Fresh With One Easy Motion

Few things in life are as upsetting as finding the berries you bought the day before have turned mushy and moldy. Berries are as fragile as they come. One minute they are fresh and full of life, and the next, those dramatic fruits have started to rot. It's painful to see, but once berries have spoiled, there isn't much you can do.

A TikTok video highlighted a surprising hack that might be a game-changer when picking out berries at the grocery store. In the video, the TikToker claimed they were baffled by how berries seemed to stay fresher for longer — and taste better — if they were flipped over before purchase. This method of separating the fresh from the foul works! Rather than looking for obvious signs of mold — which you should also do — look for berries sticking to the absorbent pad on the carton: It's a cue to put it right back and pick another carton.

The absorbent pads inside berry cartons do soak up excess moisture and juices, but when they have soaked to the point that the berries stick, this could be a sign that some of the fruit inside the carton has burst or bruised. According to Michigan State University Extension, bruised fruit can develop mold faster. On the other hand, fresher berries will drop to the top of the carton when flipped over. Hopefully, using this trick will allow you to enjoy every last one.

Other ways to extend the life of fresh berries

Buying them fresh is the first step, but there are many ways to extend the life of your berries. In response to the TikTok video, commenters shared other tried-and-true methods to keep people from experiencing the heartbreak of discovering rotten fruit. One method involves washing them in vinegar and water to avoid mold growth for days. To create the proper vinegar and water solution for your berry bath, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 3 cups of water, then soak them in this solution for between 5 and 10 minutes. Wash them with plain water after soaking, then dry them gently with paper towels. After the berries are dry, store them in a paper-towel-lined, dry container. Since berries absorb water, they can go bad quickly if not properly dried before storage.


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Other tips included storing berries in tightly-sealed Mason jars or choosing berries based on smell. However, berries are fragile, so storing them in a single layer inside a sealed container will keep them from getting smushed. Discarding squishy berries is also crucial since mold can spread and ruin others in the container. If you don't plan to consume the berries soon after buying, it is better to store them in the freezer, where they can last up to six months. You can also make homemade jam with your berries to enjoy them during the off-season.