Pop-Up Restaurant Taps Into Childhood Nostalgia With LEGO-Shaped Burgers

A pop-up restaurant is tapping into childhood nostalgia with its LEGO-shaped burgers and it is bringing the concept across the U.S. and the globe. Presented by the company Explore Hidden, Brick Burger events provide an immersive experience of more than one million LEGO blocks with both premade sculptures and brick building stations to allow patrons the opportunity to engineer their own unique masterpieces from the ground up.

While it's still unsafe to eat LEGOs no matter your age, Brick Burger's playful menu provides you the Instagrammable visuals minus the choking hazard, serving up gourmet hamburgers on buns shaped like LEGO bricks that are colored in bright hues of reds, yellows, and greens. In addition to burgers, they offer chicken filets and veggie options. Brick Burger is bringing these limited-time pop-up LEGO-centric events to major cities throughout the country including New York, Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston, Seattle, and more. Explore Hidden has already held Brick Burger events in international locations such as London and more are scheduled for countries such as Australia.

'Eat, drink, play with LEGOs!'

As if you needed any extra incentive to play with LEGOs, Brick Burger also awards prizes to the best builders at their pop-up events. Should you require a respite from your brick construction job, you can even play ping pong on a table made entirely of LEGOs. The walls and furniture in this fanciful setting are erected from LEGOs as well.

These pop-up events typically occur over a period of a couple of days in select cities where Brick Burger sets up shop. Seattle's pop-up, for instance, will be held for one weekend only. But, the Brick Burger concept isn't as ephemeral in other places. One entrepreneur opened a "brick"-and-mortar eponymous restaurant in the Philippines in 2016 that serves 10 different burgers with colorful brick buns in the shape of LEGO blocks. Perhaps these latest pop-up events are just testing the waters to gauge the interest in LEGO-themed restaurants in other parts of the world. At least for now though, your allotted Brick Burger play time, much like your childhood, is fleeting.