Minds Are All In The Gutter Over Aldi's Dino Nuggets

Not long ago, the internet couldn't unsee Aldi's NSFW Easter marshmallows, and even Aldi admitted their phallic resemblance was undeniable. Maybe whoever designed those bunnies and chicks was watching "Friends" re-runs at the same time (remember "The One with the Cake?").

Well, it must be the mating season at Aldi, because another not-safe-for-work incident has been reported in the store's frozen foods aisle. And this time around, it was the dinosaur chicken nuggets that were caught in the act.

An Aldi shopper took to Reddit after finding a couple of dinosaur-shaped nuggets that had been frozen together in a somewhat compromising and, let's say suggestive, position — one suggesting that these dinosaurs were trying to preserve their species until they were untimely turned into chicken nuggets. "These dinosaur chicken nuggets look like they're about to make a baby chicken nugget," the OP wrote. Fellow Redditors agreed, and they were not far behind with the jokes.

'Life finds a way'

Redditors have a reputation for their quick wit, and the replies to this post were no exception. One user jumped at the chance to channel their inner Dr. Ian Malcolm from "Jurassic Park," replying, "Life finds a way!" An apparent chicken enthusiast set off the background music in our heads with a "bow chicken wow wow," while another may have renamed the famous act in which these cheeky dinosaurs were engaged, simply replying, "Dinostyle." 

After this latest provocative episode, we're left wondering just what is going on at Aldi? Have shoppers got a collective case of spring fever, leading them to see innuendo in everything including frozen chicken snacks? Perhaps a titillated food manufacturer is pulling pranks behind the scenes, or Aldi has found a brazen new marketing strategy. We can probably discount the possibility of a dinosaur cloning program spilling over into the Aldi factory. For now.