Costco's Raspberry Lemon Bundt Cake Is Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Costco's bakery features an assortment of desserts, with everything from mixed berry pie to peanut butter chocolate pie. But the grocery chain's latest dessert creation may just be one of its prettiest. The Instagram account Costco Fans announced the absolutely stunning raspberry lemon rose bundt cake, a new item in Costco bakeries. The rosette-shaped cake is dusted in powdered sugar and vibrant raspberry-red coloring visible in the center — it's so lovely that it almost seems a shame to cut into it. 

The cake is available for about $10, which is cheaper than buying a bundt from a bakery like Nothing Bundt Cakes, and about half as expensive as a Costco sheet cake. The name can actually be a little bit deceiving. While the cake is called a raspberry lemon rose bundt cake, a Reddit user wrote that it's only shaped like a rose, not actually flavored with roses, so don't expect any floral notes. 

The cake flavor has mixed reviews

While the rose-shaped bundt is pretty, reviews on the taste are pretty mixed. One Reddit user commented, "It's good but not exceptional and to be honest, Costco pound cake is way better. Just not as pretty." Another reviewer thought the raspberry subdued the lemony flavor and recommended adding a bit of lemon curd for some zesty flavor. However, they still noted that Costco's blueberry lemon pound cake is tastier and has a better value. 

But there are also some positive reviews as well. One Instagram fan wrote, "This is so worth it! Super good and well balanced," and another user thought it was very good, though they paired it with berries and whipped cream. Our overall impression is that this cake may be prettier than it tastes. However, for those who don't mind a mild bundt cake, or want to dress it up with some fresh fruits or cream, this could be a great dessert for a get-together.