The Inner Child In Us Is Envious Of Cardi B's Stacked School Lunches

When you are one of the music industry's biggest stars, you probably have a few good reasons to flex. However, instead of showing off her big house, fancy car, or stacks of money, Cardi B is putting her daughter Kulture's incredible school lunches in the spotlight. In a recent tweet, the "WAP" singer showcased a trio of pictures of amazing food items with the caption, "Kulture school lunch be everything." In one of the shots, a container is filled to the brim with creamy macaroni salad, chicken nuggets, and broccoli. Nearby, there's a small Tupperware container of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. A sandwich bag appears to contain crispy veggie straws and is positioned right above a container of fruity Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries cereal. To wash it all down, Kulture will enjoy Fruit Loop milk and a reusable bottle of water. This is all for one day!

But we're not done. For another lunch, Cardi B packed a portion of pasta with half of a cob of corn, Fruit Loops cereal, and a fruit salad with kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges. Also, there is a cup of Jello, squeezable applesauce, cheese strings, crackers, plus a Kool-Aid and Yoo-hoo to wash it all down. Finally, the third pic shows a feast of macaroni salad, nuggets, and corn, with a fruit salad, veggie crisps, YoCrunch M&M's yogurt, plus water, apple juice, a PediaSure shake, and a Kool-Aid to drink. Jealous? We thought you might be.

Twitter reactions to Cardi B's lush lunches are a mixed bag

Even though each lunch superstar Cardi B packed for her daughter Kulture had a mix of sweet and fun items balanced with vitamin-rich fruits and veggies, Twitter followers did not hold back their negative feedback. "Too rich not to be eating organic," replied one follower, while another responded, "Not healthy at all.. I'm sorry but u can do better.. get rid of artificial colors flavors and plastic!" Even if folks weren't commenting on the food items themselves, they were judging the size of each meal. One person replied, "girl idk what school Kulture going to, but American school lunches be 25 minutes nowadays. She is not eating all that in 25 minutes."

Luckily, plenty of fans drooled over the choice of school lunches and applauded the singer for providing such incredible food for her daughter. One person commented, "Kulture eating good asf," while another responded, "Yummy." One fan even praised the size of the portion and wrote, "I bet she shares her lunch. My mom use to do that with all her kids and the teachers would be like what mom send us for lunch. I always shared with my friends and teachers and they all loved it." 

Good or bad reviews from the outside world don't change the fact that Cardi B was proud of what she sent her daughter off to school with for lunch. We think it's worth bragging about.