The Rolling Stones Want To Rock Out With You Over Morning Iced-Coffee

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The Rolling Stones are certainly one of the most energetic bands in existence, as they're still rocking out — and selling out stadiums — after 60+ years in the business. It makes sense, then, that their new product endorsement would be with the coffee company Keurig. Just like Stones tickets, though, this new Stones x Keurig package won't be coming cheap as the "Start Me Up" iced coffee kit, which drops June 6, is priced at a hefty $139.99.

Wow, that's some wildly expensive coffee! Or it would be if the coffee was all that customers were getting. Instead, the kit comes complete with a K-Iced brewer plus a tumbler as well as the "Start Me Up" blend that a Keurig press release describes as having a strawberry flavor. And yes, all items do feature that iconic Hot Lips logo. Stones fans will be interested to hear that supposedly the band (or its PR team) had a hand in helping to create the coffee blend as well as selecting the tunes for a Spotify playlist that comes with the package. As of now, Keurig is not making the "Start Me Up" coffee blend available for stand-alone purchase, but for those who want the whole setup, Keurig suggests subscribing to a reminder so that they can know when it drops.

This isn't the Stones' first collab with a big name in the coffee business

Like many other musical groups, the Stones have allowed a number of companies to use their songs over the years. Among the commercials their songs have provided the soundtracks for are ones for Levi's, Windows 95, Acura, and even food products including Jose Cuervo and Snickers. They also had one memorable venture into the realm of breakfast foods prior to this recent Keurig coffee collab — this was a 1964 commercial where they sang about starting their day with Rice Krispies.

The Rolling Stones have also previously partnered with Starbucks, not to promote any specific product, but to produce several other curated playlists. These ones weren't released on Spotify, though, as this service wouldn't launch until 2008, so they came out as CDs instead. The Stones-Starbucks collaboration belonged to the latter's "Artist's Choice" series and while it did not feature the Stones' own music, it had interviews with the band members along with some of their favorite songs from other artists including James Brown, Little Richard, and Sly and the Family Stone. This 2003 release was followed in 2005 by "Rarities 1971-2003," a compilation of previously released dance mixes, live tracks, and other hard-to-find material. While neither of these CDs came with coffee, both can still be purchased for considerably less than the "Start Me Up" kit — "Rarities" is currently selling on Amazon for under $12, while "Artist's Choice" is priced under $10.