What Happened To Peoples Design Scooping Bowl From Shark Tank?

Chef Tyler Peoples of Colorado Springs and his Peoples Design Mixing Bowl, previously featured on "Shark Tank" Season 8, Episode 23. In an interview with The Gazette, the chef said he came up with the idea for an easier-to-use mixing bowl while working in restaurants himself. The mixing bowl and colander combination were designed to help cooks save time. 

Despite having only sold 200 bowls prior to the episode, the entrepreneur struck a deal with Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner, also known as the "Queen of QVC," for $75,000 and a 33.3% equity stake in the product. While the sharks on "Shark Tank" are notoriously picky, Greiner believed she could successfully market the bowl on QVC and added the business to her portfolio of over 1,000 products. So, what happened to the Peoples Design Mixing Bowl? After the episode launched, Peoples struggled to keep up with demand for the product, as orders ended up on a waitlist. 

While the bowl did feature on QVC to the tune of $500,000, Peoples Design Mixing Bowls are currently unavailable. As for Peoples, he moved from entrepreneur to catering manager for Springs Rescue Mission.

The Peoples Design Mixing Bowl disappears

After appearing on "Shark Tank," the Peoples Design Mixing Bowl underwent a facelift, being renamed the "Squeebie Multi-Purpose Mixing Bowl by Lori Greiner." On the QVC site, the product received mixed reviews with an overall 3.5-star rating. Some praised the device as great for baking, while others criticized its colander function as being "difficult."

In an interview with Colorado Springs Magazine, Tyler Peoples mentioned striking a deal with Walmart to sell the product. However, the mixing bowls are no longer available at Walmart or QVC and appear to have disappeared from store shelves in the last few years. It's unknown why the product is unavailable, but QVC mentioned the product as sold out. 

 As for the item's online presence, the self-proclaimed Squeebie Bowl Fan Club on Facebook has not posted online since 2019. Meanwhile, a Twitter profile for the Scooping Bowl has not posted since 2018. As for Peoples, the chef appears to have kept a low profile in recent years. It remains to be seen if the mixing bowl may one day have a resurgence.