Fast Food Chicken Wraps Ranked Worst To Best

The fast food chicken wrap craze started in an unlikely place. McDonald's isn't known for its chicken items. But since they discontinued their famously popular Snack Wraps (at least in the U.S.), other chains — some exclusively fast food chicken places — have stepped up with their own versions. With so many options to choose from, we took it upon ourselves to rank the fast food chicken wraps from worst to best.

The coveted McDonald's Snack Wrap was discontinued in 2016. But both Burger King and Wendy's have recently added a version of their competitor's former superstar item. And while both made our list, neither scored exceptionally high. Surprisingly, the chicken wraps category's big win was in the taco purveyor category. These options might be billed as "burritos," but they eat more like wraps, and reviewers were wildly impressed.

Chicken restaurants turned in only mediocre results, despite the main ingredient being the bread and butter of their establishments. Most did better than burger joints, but only marginally. Keep reading to discover what is offered, where, and which is worth the trip. And if you're outside the U.S., you might still be able to pick up one of those much-loved and very missed Snack Wraps at McDonald's or a similar version at Burger King, which also discontinued their chicken wrap in the U.S.

Jack in the Box Chicken Fajita Pita

Jack in the Box is known for its wide variety of foods, ranging from burgers to tacos to sandwiches, so it's unsurprising to find an option on their menu to include on this list. But this one is a failure on a couple of levels. First off, it's more of a sandwich than a wrap. And the consensus was also that it is bland and could have used more effort on the fast food chain's part.

The lettuce and tomato were appreciated additions, but some online reviewers note that the addition of onion might have complimented the whole thing nicely. It comes with salsa, which is necessary because the chicken wrap had little flavor. While the chicken pieces were large, they weren't as tender as they could have been and had an unusual consistency.

According to the Jack in the Box menu, this wrap comes with grilled onions, so maybe poor preparation is to blame for many of the reviews. Plus, it's really messy to eat. PapiEats shared in a YouTube video that he was a little disappointed that he spent "over $4 for only 330 calories." If you're counting calories, this could be a good thing, but it may not be the most filling option in the chicken wraps category. And hot sauce is highly recommended to add some much-needed flavor.

Wendy's Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap

Wendy's added their chicken wrap just this year. It was decent but challenging to eat and somewhat generic. It didn't meet the standards McDonald's set with the original, down to the packaging. While the McDonald's version came packed in a cardboard tube that made it easy to eat and hang onto, the Wendy's version came wrapped in paper that did little to hold the whole thing together. And it only comes with ranch, whereas the Snack Wrap gave consumers the additional options of sweet chili, BBQ, or honey mustard.

Price and lack of flavor were chief complaints of others who hoped this would be a promising replacement for the famous Snack Wrap. It was larger but more expensive. One commenter on Reddit noted that in Pheonix, it costs $7.99 for one of these wraps. Others were disappointed that it was only offered with grilled, not fried chicken. And yet another thought most of the flavor came from the tortilla because this wrap had too little ranch. One even said it tasted like "plastic dog food."

Wendy's opted for grilled chicken because it is a healthier option, which is what today's consumers are looking for. The wrap was very full, "more akin to a huge burrito than a dainty wrap," said one reviewer on Narcity, who thought the grilled chicken was a letdown compared to the McDonald's fried version. She found it basic and not worth the $6.29 it sells for in her neck of the woods.

Dairy Queen's Ranch Chicken Wrap

This is just one of several wraps on Dairy Queen's menu. It's offered in crispy or grilled versions. There is also a grilled or crispy Flamethrower Chicken Wrap. And while Dairy Queen's wraps have some fans, there aren't many. The chicken inside this wrap is a breaded or grilled chicken tender, which many people don't seem to have an issue with, though it is a disappointment that there isn't more chicken in them.

Another complaint about these was that there was more wrap than filling — so much so that one consumer noted on ReviewStream that they had to tear off the top of the wrap to avoid getting a mouthful of tortilla. And the fillings were just plain lettuce and shredded American cheese, which didn't add much to the flavor of this wrap. And despite the low price on this item, one YouTube review of the Flamethrower variety said there was some spice, but most of what you are paying for is the chicken itself, which you can buy without being a part of a "wrap."

The lettuce was also underwhelming; overall, they gave this a "don't buy" rating, saying, "I don't think it's actually worth it." There are better options available in the chicken wrap category. Additionally, these aren't a particularly healthy choice. According to Fooducate, each one contains 35% of the recommended maximum of sodium and more than 20% of the recommended maximum of saturated fat. They're also highly processed food that uses a large quantity of hydrogenated oil.

Arby's Chicken Wraps

You probably know Arby's better for their red meat selections and options like roast beef, and as you'll go on to read, there may be a reason for that. But they do offer two different chicken wraps as part of their Market Fresh options: a Crispy Chicken Club Wrap and a Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

Some reviewers found these tasty, but most were disappointed in the flavor and texture, and almost all complained about the prices (via Reddit). One commented that the tortillas used for these wraps were dry and overly thick, even though the ingredients inside were pretty delicious. Others were disappointed that the wrap consisted of "mostly lettuce." And the flavors were also unimpressive — the jalapeños in one wrap being "weak" and flavorless.

These wraps were also surprisingly high in calories, despite the "Market Fresh" denomination that many consumers assume makes these a healthier option. For the record, Arby's has never claimed that these items were healthier, but many people have come to believe that was the case based on the associated labeling. However, according to the Arby's Menu, some of the wraps exceed 700 calories. Meanwhile, the Beef 'N Cheddar sandwich is only 450 calories. And the Classic Roast Beef is only 360 calories. So, if you're looking for something healthy, you may be better off with the red meat options.

Subway Chicken Wraps

They may never be as popular as the subs, but Subway offers several chicken wraps: Buffalo Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Rotisserie Style Chicken, and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. And while it's true that not everyone likes them, the chicken wraps did pretty well in reviews. In fact, all of these options ranked in Shop Food's top wraps available at Subway. The first plus to Subway wraps is that you get your choice of wrap — tomato or spinach.

The buffalo chicken works best when paired with the tomato wrap, according to the reviewer. They particularly liked how the peppercorn ranch "cooled down the heat" of the buffalo sauce on the chicken. Then, there's the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, which is one of the best chicken wrap options at Subway. This one works best with the spinach wrap and includes lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions, all coated in a sweet onion teriyaki sauce. You can add Monterey cheddar, but if you don't, it has only 590 calories, making it delicious and health-conscious.

And the Grilled Chicken Wrap does even better, at only 470 calories, without additions, and you could add anything without affecting the flavor. Finally, there's the Rotisserie Chicken wrap, which works with the spinach or tomato wrap. With lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions, it's enough flavor without being too much. Looking for more? Consider adding Swiss or provolone cheese or some honey mustard sauce.

McDonald's Big Flavour Wraps

You may not be able to get Snack Wraps at McDonald's in the U.S. anymore, but they are still carried and quite popular in both Canada and the U.K. "Big Flavour Wraps" is what they are called at McDonald's in the U.K., where the flavor options sound like episodes of "Friends" — "The Garlic Mayo Chicken One," "The Sweet Chili Chicken One," and "The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One."

These did not sell well enough in the U.S. to keep them on the menu, much to the chagrin of many McDonald's customers. In fact, when the fast food chain conducted a Twitter poll asking what menu item they should "bring back," the replies were filled with one significant answer: Snack Wraps. And there's been speculation that success in markets outside the U.S. might also convince McDonald's to bring the Snack Wrap back to the States.

But not everyone abroad enjoys Snack Wraps, especially following a recent recipe change. There's even an online petition asking McDonald's in the U.K. to return to the original version, which uses a seasoned chicken strip and shredded cheese instead of the new option, which contains a chicken patty and a processed cheese slice. Still, it remains a cult classic and is fondly adored by those in and outside the U.S.

Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Ranch and Crispy Chicken Wrap

This may be your go-to place for appetizers, but they also make great wraps. There are multiple positive reviews for the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap online. One taste tester liked the wrap's texture and the chicken's quality, but while he found it simple and delicious, he commented that he wished the chicken in this wrap was a bit spicier (via Henrique Reviews).

It may be milder than some would like because it is typically served with their medium buffalo sauce. It seems likely this route was taken to accommodate the majority of consumers. Still, if you're buying from Buffalo Wild Wings because you like spicy food, this might not be your best option. YummyBitesTV on YouTube loved this chicken wrap, calling it the "bomb" and "amazing." She also liked that it came with chips and salsa. 

Even if you're not a chicken wing lover, you can still say yes to date night at Buffalo Wild Wings. One reviewer noted that while they don't like chicken wings, they love the Crispy Chicken Wrap with Buffalo Wild Wing's delicious parmesan sauce  (via Trip Advisor). Needless to say, deciding whether or not to try this particular brand of wrap depends on what you're looking for in a meal. Many people liked it, but this may be more of a swing and a miss if you prefer spicy wraps.

Red Robin Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap

This menu item from Red Robin seemed to be a hit with everyone who tried it. The Whiskey River BBQ sauce is a signature (and popular) item at Red Robin; they also offer a burger version. Consumers were particularly impressed with the tortilla strips' crunchiness in this wrap. But it certainly isn't diet food, so if you're counting your calories, you might want to steer clear.

Fast food tends not to be particularly healthy, and this wrap includes barbecue sauce, known for its high sugar content, and ranch dressing, which is high in fat and calories. But you can make this a healthier option by opting not to include the ranch dressing or tortilla strips. Eliminating these two aspects of the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap reduces the calorie count by about 300 and cuts the fat content of this wrap significantly.

If you're not counting calories, are on a cheat day, or just feel like splurging, this wrap is most assuredly worth the trip to your local Red Robin. Reviewers on FourSquare rated this as one of the best places to get chicken wraps in all of Madison, WI. One reviewer called it simply "amazing," while another was impressed with the barbecue ranch dipping sauce that comes with it and a bottomless order of steak fries.

Del Taco Epic Crispy Chicken & Guac Burrito

This Del Taco option may be called a burrito, but it's built much more like a wrap than any of its traditional burrito offerings. It consists of three crispy chicken tenders, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. It succeeds at having all the chicken you could want in your wrap, whereas many other options on this list have failed.

This burrito-slash-wrap is one of the best "burritos" available at Del Taco. A few things made this an excellent choice. First, it isn't as carb-heavy as other items on the menu or as high in calories. Also, because it uses crispy chicken, you can have this burrito without the side of fries and not feel like you're missing out on anything.

One Reddit reviewer called it simply "One of my favorite ever Del Taco meals." The only real negative is that it is not that much of a healthy option. One of these burritos has 770 calories. As Healthline notes, you would have to walk about 10 miles to burn off that many calories. It's also very high in sodium, containing 1,740 mg, or over 70% of the recommended maximum.

Chick-fil-A's Cool Chicken Wrap

This Chick-Fil-A chicken wrap got rave reviews, particularly because of how the item is wrapped, which ensures the customer gets a taste of every aspect of the filling in each bite. This is lacking in many of the other wraps on this list. "Whenever you're making a wrap, the secret is to make a bed with the lettuce and distribute your ingredients over the bed of lettuce," explains Kevin Watts, a director for Chick-fil-A Peachtree at Collier in Atlanta (via Chick-fil-A). "Then, you make a 'mini wrap' inside the Cool Wrap and fold the lettuce over."

Ordering this wrap is also a simple option. One of the things that makes this such a great choice, both flavor and healthwise, is that it has just a few ingredients. Besides the flaxseed flatbread, only five ingredients go into this chicken wrap: lettuce mix, delicious Chick-fil-A chicken, Monterey and cheddar cheeses, and dressing.

It comes with Chick-fil-A's signature Avocado Lime Dressing, which is an excellent accompaniment. Still, if that isn't a flavor you care for, you can substitute any other dressing option. It's also one of the healthiest options on the Chick-Fil-A menu, containing roughly 660 calories. The flatbreads are made multiple times daily to ensure freshness, and if you get one that's a bit dry, you can simply pour some extra dressing over the top of your wrap.

Taco Bell Chipotle Ranch Grilled Burrito

Despite its name, like the Del Taco offering, this option from Taco Bell is much more of a wrap than a burrito, containing grilled chicken, fiesta strips, avocado ranch sauce, creamy chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla. And it got the best reviews of all the options available, thanks in no small part to its $2 price tag.

This grilled burrito seemed more substantial than some of the meatier options offered by the chain. The grilling and lettuce gave this a crunchy texture, as did the fiesta strips, which didn't get as soggy as they might have in an entirely hot burrito. The only heated parts are the chicken and the tortilla, keeping the other ingredients from becoming soggy.

The veggies were fresh, and the two different sauces were well distributed, giving a bit of flavor to each bite. Other reviewers complained that it was "insanely messy" with all the sauces, and some thought it "needed a little more chicken" (per Reddit). But they overwhelmingly considered it a great price and one of their favorite options from Taco Bell in a long time. And one Redditor commented that you can double the chicken in this item for just 75 cents, making it an excellent option at a great price.