9 Facts About Casey's Pizza That Only True Fans Know

If you're a Midwesterner, we are willing to bet that the pizza of your dreams is not adorned with truffles and goat cheese. Its crust isn't overly thick or thin, and it can't be found in the heart of Naples, nor among the hand-tossed favorites of New York. All you have to do for said pizza is take the nearest exit until you find yourself under the familiar red roof of a Casey's gas station.

That's right — the average Iowan would rather have pizza from their local gas station than an upscale pizzeria, or even your casual Domino's or Pizza Hut. There's something about the delicious crust, sauce, and toppings of a Casey's pie that make it so uniquely Midwestern — and comfort food to all who seek a road trip snack.

Ever since 1984, the rest stop delicacy has gained quite the fan base, even setting the standard for the beloved "Midwestern-style" pizza. Whether you have been a lifetime fan of Casey's pizza, or you're just getting around to seeing what all the hype is about, here is a list of facts about the convenience store favorite that only its most loyal patrons will know.

1. Casey's is the pioneer of the classic Midwestern Style breakfast pizza

If you're a fan of breakfast pizza, you largely have Casey's to thank for helping to popularize the American breakfast favorite. While there are plenty of variations of this dish, the way of the Midwest is all thanks to Casey's influence.

One thing we've learned throughout the years is that no two breakfast pizzas (Bizzas? Brizzas?) are the same. Some feature an egg-based sauce, while others' pride and joy is all in the meats. For Casey's — and other Midwestern versions — the most memorable part of the breakfast pizza is its ooey gooey cheesy sauce. Those who bite into a Casey's sausage, bacon, or veggie breakfast pizza are first met with the mild notes of a cheese sauce like they've never tried before. Then comes the crispy bacon, juicy sausage, crunchy veggies, and the signature Midwestern crust — a just right "not too thick and not too thin" breading that complements the cheese sauce quite nicely.

If you've ever road-tripped through Iowa, you're all too familiar with the satisfying early morning stop at Casey's for some highly necessary breakfast pizza fuel. The sight of the signature red roof means that a delicious morning treat is just over the horizon!

2. Many Iowans say that Casey's has the greatest pizza of all time

Those in or near Iowa often call upon the delicious pizza spot to cater their birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and even their late-night TV dinners. You may find it odd that a place typically associated with not-so-elegant cuisine is the source of Iowans' pizza-related joy. If you ask around, most of them will tell you that this gas station food is anything but.

And if you don't believe the average citizen, take "That '70s Show" star Mila Kunis' word for it. Kunis — who is married to Iowa native Ashton Kutcher — has nothing but good things to say about the gas station paradise, as stated on Reddit in 2018: "It's a place called Casey's, and they're all over Iowa, and they do a delicious breakfast pizza," the star said.

This goes to show that, in addition to the average Iowan, even the most famous of us have the most positive of experiences with Casey's pizza. No wonder it's so treasured through all of the Midwest.

3. Casey's pizza is way more popular than you may think

If you were to take a guess at what the most famous pizza names in the United States might be, we are willing to bet that Casey's didn't quite make your list. According to the Des Moines Register, the gas station pizza joint hits the charts at #5.

Though Casey's is no Little Caesar's, who could blame the public for propelling the pizza delicacy into what it is today? Distributing over 19 million pies and 62 million slices a year, it's no wonder that Casey's has found itself among the top of the top. Getting your hands on a Casey's pizza is as easy as filling up your gas tank on a road trip or taking a walk through your neighborhood. No matter where in Iowa you may find yourself, there is almost always an opportunity to grab a slice of Casey's pizza.

4. There are two ways you can get your hands on a Casey's pizza

Those who frequent the general store know all too well the delight of walking into a Casey's and seeing a full rack of pizza slices revolving in the pizza warmer. A rack brimming with slices means that it was just restocked with pizza straight out of the oven.

The pie warmer contains slices upon slices of your classic favorites — pepperoni, cheese, breakfast pie, and a few of their specialties. But if you're in search of a made-to-order pie, Casey's custom takeout and delivery options will suit you quite nicely.

"Looking for 'pizza near me?'" the site says. "Look no further for the best pizza delivery and takeout!"

Choose from a trio of crusts — original, flatbread or Udi's Gluten Free — followed by all your typical pizza meats (plus a BBQ brisket option!) as well as your classic pizza veggies. Whether you're grabbing a slice as you fuel up your car or you're seeking a more intentional pizza-eating experience, Casey's fresh pies will certainly do the trick.

5. Casey's Midwest Mystery pizza was named by a loyal patron

If you've been in search of the most heartland pizza the country has to offer, let us introduce you to the case of Casey's "Midwest Mystery" pizza!

After creating a pizza in 2019 garnished with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, pulled pork, bacon, and corn, the pizzaiolos of Casey's claimed to have captured the essence of Midwestern flavors on a pie. The next step? Name their beloved creation. The team turned to their committed pizza foodies to help decide what to call this new masterpiece.

"We thought long and hard, kicking around various names," the staff explains on the Casey's site, "Then we realized: why not ask the people who know best, our loyal pizza fans?" As suggestions came pouring in (18,000 of them, to be exact!) the team chose their top three favorites and hosted one final poll.

It was then announced, in Des Moines, Iowa at a giant pizza party, that this new pie shall be called... drum roll please... "The Midwestern." Seems like a very fitting name — all thanks to John E. from Iowa for submitting this great option.

Unfortunately, this Midwestern masterpiece is no longer offered. But Casey's has a plethora of other limited-time specialty pies.

6. Casey's offered a limited-time Beer Cheese breakfast pizza to celebrate 21 years of the bizza

It turns out that Casey's pizza can get more Midwestern! With the addition of a Busch Light beer cheese sauce, the gas station celebrated 21 glorious years of its breakfast pizza by elevating the already elevated breakfast specialty. While the rich cheese sauce of a Casey's breakfast pizza is second to none, bringing notes of beer and a bit of Parmesan into the mix takes the pie to a whole new pizza level.

Topped with the usual bacon and sausage — plus the fun inclusion of ham — and the usual veggies found on a Casey's breakfast pizza, this new creation somehow combined the gas station's three breakfast pizza options into one mother breakfast pizza. If that's not your ideal breakfast, we don't know what is.

Unfortunately, Casey's specialty pizzas come and go all too quickly. While this is the sad reality, we will forever hold the beer cheese sauce in our hearts as we fondly reminisce what it brought to an already delectable pie.

7. Throughout the years, Casey's pizza has gained the gas station a cult-like following

When we say that people love their Casey's pizza, we mean it with the highest possible regard. Seriously, Midwesterners cannot have enough. From breakfast pizza to pepperoni, some people will fight you if you call Casey's "just a gas station."

But why is it that people are so obsessed with the gas station's pizza, subs, donuts, and more? Some say it's because it ignites a sense of community in small rural areas. For those who live in towns that are no larger than your average neighborhood, sometimes all its citizens have within miles of their home is one mere Casey's gas station.

While this may be the case, others attribute the pit stop's unwavering fame and adoration to its commitment to ever-changing specialty pizzas. Like the Crumbl Cookie, the Casey's pizza menu is on a perpetual journey of evolution, and its fans can't get enough.

Whatever the reason Casey's pizza is so famous, the Midwest certainly has it down to a T.

8. The crust of a Casey's pizza is made for those who can't decide between thick and thin

On one side, you have those who want nothing more than a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. "The thicker, the better," they'd say. You also have those who would choose a crispy flatbread any day of the week. And then there are those in the middle — those who are overwhelmed by the doughiness of bready crust, but who also want a little more love than what a thin-crust pizza has to offer.

May we introduce you to the perfect in-between: the crust of a Casey's pizza. Made with that "just right" vision in mind, Casey's crust is said to pioneer the "Midwestern-style" pie better than its competing regional pizza joints.

Why is this the unofficial official crust of the heartland? Our guess is that it has something to do with ranch. It's no secret that Midwesterners love their ranch with a side of pizza. Dip a thick-crust pizza into a glob of ranch dressing and it feels like you're eating a hunk of bready ranch — and that's just weird. And if you add some ranch to a flatbread, it becomes — dare we say without offending all of the Midwest — a little too ranchy for comfort.

The middle ground of a crust from Casey's, however, makes for the ideal dipping agent. It's the perfect crust-to-ranch ratio.

9. Casey's cheesy breadsticks are a good substitution for those who don't like sauce on their pizza

To all the anti-saucers out there: we know you are few and far between, but we see you. For whatever reason, the robust tomato sauce of a pizza isn't your thing, and we respect that. And if even the cheesy sauce of the Casey's breakfast pizza can't bring you to the other side, there certainly is a place for you in the Casey's universe, and that lies within their cheesy breadsticks.

Should you decide to order this instead, you'll be met with eight delicious sticks free of sauce (we promise). And if you're a breadstick fanatic, you'll be happy to know that the ones at Casey's are just as garlicky and cheesy as you might hope.

Whether you decide to order a pizza, breadsticks, or both, Casey's is the unexpected pizzeria of your dreams. After all, there's nothing better than kicking off your Midwest road trip with a bite to eat from your favorite gas station.