Michael Symon Has A Bold Statement About New York Pizza

Is there anything better than pizza? That sacred combo of crust, tomato sauce, and cheese is beloved by virtually everyone across the globe, and yet, pizza has somehow landed itself right smack dab in the middle of some of the biggest controversies in the culinary world. Arguably the most contentious issue regarding the Italian staple is whether or not pineapple is an acceptable topping for the fan-favorite comfort meal, but the debate over which style of 'za is the best is pretty hotly contested, as well. According to Food Network, there are at least 31 different, regional-specific versions in the U.S. alone, and oftentimes, people will argue that the pie from their own hometown reigns supreme. But for celeb chef Michael Symon, that's not the case.

While the Cleveland native is extremely loyal to his hometown, to which he once penned a love letter via HuffPost, his allegiance to the city's pizza isn't quite as strong. Sure, he's said a few nice things about Cleveland-style 'za, once noting on Facebook that its "middle of the road thickness," heavy cheese, and sweeter sauce "closely resembles the pizza in Rome & Sicily." He's got a preferred spot to grab a slice, too: Geraci's "by a mile," he tweeted in 2016. However, when it comes down to it, Symon's heart has been captured by another iconic pizza style, which he made more than clear in a series of Twitter exchanges last week.

For Symon, New York pizza blows almost all of its competition out of the water

Pizza lovers could argue for hours over which style of pie is the best, but that didn't stop Twitter user @MadScientistFF from igniting the debate. In a tweet on December 6, they shared a graphic with photos of what are arguably the most iconic regional pies from Detroit, St. Louis, New York, and Chicago. "Which of these styles of pizza is the best?" they asked.

The inquiry received thousands of replies, including one from Michael Symon, who offered a rather bold take. "New York by like a billion miles," he declared. And his pizza opinion-sharing didn't stop there. In response to one person who said all four styles "can be great and all can be bad," the chef retorted with what is possibly an even bolder claim. "As I have always said [...] and I'm not a New Yorker so not being a homer [...] but the worst slice in NYC is still better than pizza in 95 percent of the country," he tweeted.

Symon elaborated on his affinity for the Big Apple's "perfect" 'za In a 2015 interview with Cleveland Magazine. "It's crunchy, not too saucy, not too cheesy," he explained, noting he enjoys NY pizza best when it's "right on the edge of burnt." As for his favorite place in the city to grab a slice? "Certainly none are better than John's of Bleecker St," he shared on Instagram in 2017.