TikTok Wants You To Ditch Fast Food For A Better Grocery Store Alternative

Fast food isn't notorious for being healthy. And, over the past few years, prices have climbed, so it's no longer always a bargain. The main thing fast food has going for it is convenience: you pull up to the window, place an order and drive away with a hot meal in a few quick minutes. That's why a TikToker, who goes by the handle of bikelifej, is saying, "Stop giving fast food places ya money."

The message in this 15-second video is clear: there are alternatives to fast food that are just as fast and may offer a better value. Instead of waiting in line with your vehicle running, you can shut off your car, dash into the grocery section of a Walmart, grab the meal of your choice, and be out in minutes. These meals are not only affordable and fast, but you can also get a few steps in when you pick yours up.

What other TikTokers are saying about ditching fast food

The meal that bikelifej picked up was only $5.47. It came with eight boneless wings and potato wedges, making it a satisfying option for lunch. In the TikTok, the user shows what he got along with the receipt.



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Other TikTok users who commented on the post agreed (some rather enthusiastically) with bikelifej's strategy. Some of the more positive comments were, "Walmart deli food is insanely good," "the Walmart deli BBQ slaps," and, "Don't tell my secrets." One user dropped a truth bomb, saying, "The only catch, you gotta go right when they open the deli area though." A few others pointed out that the price varies from store to store and they paid more for a similar meal at their Walmart.

To expand on this hack, Walmart is not the only place to visit for a good deal on lunch, with commenters suggesting Kroger, Sam's Club, your local grocery store, and more. If you're a fan of a classic Chick-fil-A sandwich, this meal hack might not cut it for you. But if you're just hungry and want something quick, easy, and affordable, there are many options beyond grabbing lunch at a fast-food chain.