Why You Should Be Using Chicken Powder

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If you've skimmed the ingredients list of some of your favorite Chinese food recipes, you might wonder if chicken powder is another name for chicken bouillon. This ingredient is found in Chinese dishes like moo shu pork, steamed greens, and ham fried rice, a staple in Chinese kitchens, and provides an easy way to pack a more concentrated chicken flavor into whatever you're cooking. In other words, it's time to stop sleeping on chicken powder.

Why should you use it? First, there are no frills or fancy herbs in chicken powder. Instead of the herbaceous notes of chicken soup, it has a pure chicken flavor, like roasted chicken distilled down to its essence. 

However, it's important to note that chicken powder is not the same as Better Than Bouillon or cubed chicken bouillon. It doesn't have the same herbaceous or aromatic notes you would traditionally get from broth cubes featuring celery, onions, carrots, and herbs. Chinese cuisine doesn't use a mirepoix or a bouquet garni in chicken stock, so the flavor is pure chicken.

Chicken powder can be used for any type of cuisine

If you're looking for a pure chicken flavor without the herbaceous flavors of bouillon because the herbs would clash with something you're making, consider trying chicken powder. Because of its simple flavors, chicken powder can be used in just about any recipe that calls for chicken stock or broth. Don't limit its use to Chinese food, either. Anything with brothy, soupy, or stew-like characteristics can benefit from the depth of flavor that comes from chicken powder. 

You can use this ingredient to make pozole, a classic chicken pot pie, or even a quick pan sauce to drizzle over a roast at your next gathering. This simple, versatile ingredient can elevate everything from Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli) to chicken noodle soup. While it might be better, flavor-wise, to use homemade chicken stock, using chicken powder is convenient for busy cooks. Plus, chicken powder is often sold in resealable cans, so you won't have half a bouillon cube floating in your spice cabinet. You can find this ingredient at your local Asian market, online at specialty stores, or on Amazon