The Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccino That Tastes Like Pink Starburst

A coffee-flavored Starburst might not appease some peoples' tastebuds, but what about the reverse? According to one TikToker, a Starbucks secret menu drink known as the Stardust Frappuccino tastes shockingly similar to the strawberry version of the juicy candy. If you're one of the many people that get excited when pulling a pink Starburst out of the package, you might want to know about this concoction.

Now, you wouldn't be wrong if you think a pink Starburst-inspired Frappuccino sounds a little familiar. There are already instructions for how to order a pink Starburst Frap available on the unofficial website for the Starbucks secret menu – though this recipe calls for raspberry syrup, which TODAY reports was sadly discontinued earlier this year. Fortunately, TikToker @stellagainess' recipe takes this into account.

In her viral video, the apparent barista instructs viewers to order a creme-based frappuccino, substitute heavy cream, and add in peach juice and dragon inclusions. Additionally, ask for whipped cream on both the top and bottom of the drink, as well as dragon inclusions on top. The result will be a colorful blended beverage that is practically the same shade of pink as the pink Starburst wrapper and, according to the TikToker, "tastes as good as it looks."

How Starbucks baristas want you to order this secret menu drink

Is there anything that can't be transformed into a Starbucks drink? After catching wind of TikTok user @stellagaines' pink Starburst-inspired stardust frappuccino, we're starting to think not. The viral recipe had a number of people excited for their next visit to the coffee chain. However, it was also cause for a bit of apprehension in some customers as well, especially because it does not appear that the drink can be ordered through the Starbucks app.

"If I ordered that the barista would quit on the spot," one person commented, while another said their anxiety would make it hard for them to place the order. However, a couple baristas also chimed in to share their two cents on the situation, including TikTok user @coolboi22718. "Sb barista here i loooove making super cute drinks like this so show us the video if you don't know what to say and we'll make it," they said. Another instructed Starbucks fans to place their order with step-by-step instructions rather than simply asking for a Stardust Frappuccino.

Not a fan of blended beverages? Not to worry, there's another pink Starburst-flavored option out there. According to blogger Totally the Bomb, ordering a classic Pink Drink with two pumps of white mocha and two pumps of vanilla will also yield you a beverage that tastes reminiscent of the fan-favorite candy.