Gordon Ramsay's Viral Hack That Makes Cutting An Avocado A Breeze

There's more than one way to slice an avocado, and some methods are more time-consuming than others. Some people dice an avocado after removing its skin. Perhaps you even do it that way yourself. If you're not in a rush — or if you just prefer to see each individual chunk of the avocado after you dice it — there's nothing wrong with this method. But if you want an easier, faster, and more convenient method, you might prefer Gordon Ramsay's version, which he demonstrated in a portion of a "Next Level Kitchen" episode. He then shared the 24-second hack on TikTok.

Instead of removing the skin from the avocado before dicing, he removes it after. He also adds a little something extra: After cutting the avocado in half and removing the seed, he squeezes some fresh lime juice into one half and rubs it in with his finger. Then he takes a knife and gently cuts the avocado in a criss-cross pattern, dicing it while it's still in the skin. Ramsay demonstrates how he removes the avocado pieces toward the end of the full "Next Level Kitchen" episode. He scoops them out with a spoon, and the mostly separated avocado bits fall out and onto the farmer's egg dish he's preparing.

Ramsay's hack is a first for some viewers, but old news for others

Some viewers commended Gordon Ramsay for the tip and thanked him, but others said his method is the only way they've ever diced an avocado. "Done this since I was 8," one TikToker said. Others echoed the comment, claiming they've been doing it that way "for years." It seems Avocados from Mexico has, too. They shared their own video tutorial for how to cut, slice, and dice an avocado. The steps are similar to Ramsay's, except the pieces are cut larger and with more defined lines.


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The lime addition, however, was the more unexpected element to the "Hell's Kitchen" star's process. A few viewers said in the thread that they hadn't thought of that. Experienced avocado slicers know that lime adds flavor and prevents browning, and although Ramsay adds it before slicing, you could add it afterward and get the same benefits. Ramsay uses this method for a egg dish, but it can be used for a number of other avocado recipes, from salad to nachos.