The Wendy's System-Glitch That Led To A Major Empty Bun Fail

Every fast food fan has had a run in (or multiple) with an incorrect order. From missing sauces to forgotten french fries, wrong orders are nothing short of disappointing. For one Reddit user, things went a step beyond when Wendy's served them a plain bun absent from any ingredients. Dubbed "the nothing burger" by the original poster, the burger contained "no meat, cheese, or anything other than two buns." According to the OP, their mother attempted to get a refund, though Wendy's refused. "This feels like a federal crime at this point and they have done this multiple times with us," the post read.

The OP asked other Redditers if anyone else had experienced this issue, but the question garnered no responses. However, it does seem that additional customers have had issues receiving refunds when using the app. "Wendy's is stealing people's money by not allowing or issuing any refunds for orders placed on the app," a poster in a separate thread warned. Similar to the empty bun incident, one Reddit user said they "wouldn't do s***" about an incorrect order." In an effort to smooth things over with upset fans, a presumed employee tried to explain why orders from the app sometimes come up incorrect.

Troubleshooting may help, though it's not guaranteed

To explain the empty bun incident to the original Reddit poster, a Wendy's employee shared why this may have occurred. "For some reason, mobile orders do that sometimes," they wrote, citing a glitch in the system and admitting it happens quite often. "The people who made that order are just as confused as you are." The response proved informative to another Wendy's employee, who realized he may have been mistaken when serving plain Baconator fries at his store.

Issues with online applications could, in part, explain the rise in order inaccuracies throughout the industry. From 2018 to 2019, the fast food accuracy rate dropped by 5%, and it was reported that Wendy's alone had an accuracy rate of just 87.3%. Unfortunately, mistakes specific to the Wendy's app are common, but thankfully, there are ways to troubleshoot them to avoid a bunless disappointment.

Despite technological advancements, the Wendy's app isn't foolproof. Sometimes, the app can crash upon opening, and other times, connection issues within the app itself prevent it from loading. Of course, the app isn't always to blame for these issues — you may just be in an area with insufficient internet. Most of these problems can be solved with minimal action, such as reopening the app, clearing the cache, or logging out and back in. If your order continues to be incorrect after turning to these options, it might be best to order the old-fashioned way: in-store at the counter.