The Existence Of Chick-Fil-A Waffle Potato Chips Has Us In Shambles

What's a Chick-fil-A meal without a side of the chain's iconic waffle fries? Although Chick-fil-A's fries are one of its staple side dishes, did you know the franchise also offers waffle potato chips?

The popular chicken chain offers sides like parfaits, fruit cups, soups, and more, but it seems like customers have long-overlooked Chick-fil-A's potato chips. Originally only available as a catering item, the waffle chips found a permanent home on Chick-fil-A's menu in 2018. Making the discovery, one customer on Twitter quipped, "I know I'm late, but y'all didn't tell me Chick-fil-A had waffle potato chips."

Chick-fil-A's waffle chips are a thin, ultra-crispy reimagining of their waffle fries. They're also cheaper and relatively healthier than Chick-fil-A's french fries. A medium order of waffle fries is 420 calories while the entire bag of waffle chips is only 220 calories. Plus, the potato chips only boast 13 grams of fat while the fries have 24 grams. Watch out though, the waffle chips have a bit more sodium than the fries. If you're on a budget, ordering a side of waffle chips in place of the fries will save you some money to boot.

Putting Chick-fil-A waffle chips to use

Chick-fil-A's waffle chips are more versatile than you might think. Want to add a little crunch to your next chicken sandwich? Add an assortment of these thin little chips to the top of the sandwich patty to add some texture to that fried filet.

One waffle chip fan on Twitter suggested dipping the chips in a side of Chick-fil-A's creamy salsa dressing. Spice it up even more by dipping them in spicy buffalo sauce or cooling it down a bit with a side of garden herb ranch. Dare we suggest dipping them in a vanilla shake, or combining them with a chocolate fudge brownie for a sweet and salty dessert? 

You can even use Chick-fil-A's waffle chips for innovative at-home recipes. Have a recipe that calls for panko breadcrumbs? Try crushing up Chick-fil-A's waffle chips and using them in place of your regular breadcrumbs. Gone are the days of topping your casseroles with fried onion strings — try using Chick-fil-A's chips instead. While often overlooked, the side dish has many applications.