The Dessert-Only McDonald's Stands You Can Find Around The World

No matter where you travel, McDonald's will always have its key menu staples. With burgers, fries, and McNuggets, the chain is a safe bet if you're looking for consistency. To cater to the taste of customers worldwide, numerous locations around the globe serve additional types of food as well. Also common in other parts of the world are kiosks designed solely for dessert sales.

Using a kiosk, customers can order one of the burger joint's traditional desserts, including ice cream cones, sundaes, McFlurries, and milkshakes. McDonald's also offers promotional products to keep the menu interesting. In the past, Indonesian dessert kiosks featured a brownie and strawberry McFlurry; and, in Gadong, Brunei, McFlurry Parties in Oreo and strawberry were sold for sharing. Sometimes, promotions aren't location specific; one kiosk-wide example was a collection of coconut desserts, such as coconut cones, coconut McFlurries, and coconut sundaes.

The dessert-only McDonald's are in unexpected areas

These dessert kiosks can show up where you least expect them, offering McDonald's favorites for tourists and locals alike. While on vacation, one unassuming Reddit user was surprised to see a McDonald's dessert kiosk outside their hotel. Though the original poster seemed unaware that these kiosks existed, several commenters expressed how common they are where they live. Some locations named by Reddit users were Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, and the Philippines. In a later comment, it was confirmed that OP's hotel was located in Aruba. The miniature building was red with a brown roof, a yellow awning, and a scaled-down McDonald's sign. "It looks like one of those toy house/kitchen things," one commenter wrote.

Perhaps a bigger surprise, one dessert kiosk sits in a Bacolod, Phillippines sugarcane train car. The train, which is at least 100 years old, was once used as a transportation method for sugar. The black dessert car, decorated with a red awning, serves sundaes and McFloats. Also in The Upper East area of Bacolod is a full-scale McDonald's location complete with a sitting area, bike storage, charging ports, and a few other amenities.