15 Best Chai Tea Brands, Ranked

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When it comes to tea, many connoisseurs have a soft spot for the bold, distinctive aroma and flavor of chai tea. The name "chai tea" is redundant since "chai" by itself means "tea" in Hindi. Despite any potential naming redundancy, this warmly spiced brew is undeniably popular worldwide. 

At the heart of most chai is black tea, which accounted for 84% of all the tea U.S. residents consumed in 2019 (via The Tea Association of the U.S.A.). Traditionally, Assam and Darjeeling teas create the foundation of Indian chai. These tea varieties originate in different regions of India and are usually combined with warm spices such as cardamom and cloves. However, today's chai options are broader than ever and include many riffs on the classic blend.

Although nearly every tea distributor sells some iteration of chai, a few brands stand above the rest. These companies create unique, balanced spice mixes that make their chai tea memorable and tasty. Whether you enjoy your chai heavily spiced or lightly perfumed, the best chai tea brands offer a variety you're sure to love.  

15. Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings started in Colorado in 1969 and remains one of the most recognizable tea brands in U.S. grocery stores. The company specializes in herbal blends, but its product line also includes a variety of green and black teas. Among these is India Spice Chai, which is also available decaffeinated. The blend combines spices such as cardamom, star anise, and ginger with a hint of vanilla. 

Reviews of this tea are mixed mainly in terms of flavor, so it may not be everyone's favorite. For example, many reviewers on RateTea agree that this blend has to be combined with milk and sweetener to create a balanced flavor. Although this is the most common way to enjoy chai, tea should still be satisfying when consumed on its own without any additions. Meanwhile, many Amazon reviewers describe this blend as one of the best chai teas they have ever tasted because of its smoothness and taste. Although this tea is worth a try, the Celestial Seasonings product line is otherwise very limited when it comes to chai options. 

14. Stash Tea

Many people have encountered Stash Tea in their local grocery stores, but this national brand has humble beginnings. The company started when two friends entered the tea business with a limited selection of products over 40 years ago. Since then, the product line has grown to include dozens of traditional and flavored teas. Among its many products, the brand offers multiple versions of chai tea, including herbal and decaf varieties. All the flavors are bagged, with a select few also available in loose-leaf form.

The brand's Chai Spice is a perfect choice for chai lovers who especially enjoy cinnamon notes in their tea. This bagged tea features a photo of cinnamon sticks on the packaging and has cinnamon listed as the first ingredient in its spice mix. Many reviewers love this tea's pleasantly spicy, cinnamon-heavy flavor and recommend enjoying it as-is. However, some customers feel that the spice blend is a little unbalanced and may not be best for those who aren't cinnamon aficionados.

13. Tazo

When it comes to easily accessible chai tea, Tazo is a solid option. This brand offers several ways for customers to enjoy their favorite spiced tea, including bagged tea blends and pre-mixed concentrates for lattes. Although the concentrates are available in multiple flavors (including the ever-popular pumpkin spice), the Classic Chai Latte concentrate is the most versatile. Like most ready-to-blend chai teas, this product makes a quick and easy latte with any kind of milk. It includes all the essential warming spices, making it an excellent choice for those who love classic chai flavors.

Many Influenster reviews praise this tea as a tasty, affordable alternative to coffee shop chai lattes, especially because the flavor lends itself well to customization and is equally delicious when served hot or iced. Several reviewers also claim that this concentrate is the closest to a Starbucks chai latte that consumers can enjoy at home. However, some reviewers wish the concentrate wasn't so heavily sweetened, which can detract from the flavor of the spice blend. 

12. Vahdham

India has a long history as a major tea producer, and Vehdam Teas seeks to honor that storied past and bring Indian teas to a new generation. The brand sells bagged and loose-leaf teas that are harvested directly from India and prides itself on partnering directly with growers there. 

In addition to herbal, black, and green teas, the company offers multiple chai options to suit various tastes. For example, the brand's Saffron Chai provides an unusual take on the spice blend most tea drinkers associate with chai. This tea includes traditional warm spices like cinnamon and cardamom but combines those with the floral earthiness of saffron. This pairing creates a more mellow flavor than more cinnamon-heavy chai and lends a subtle sweetness to the tea. 

On Vadham's website, most customer reviews for this tea are positive. Many reviewers enjoy the unique balance that saffron adds to the chai blend, though some wish this flavor were a little more pronounced. This particular tea is only available in loose-leaf form, which may not be a great option for diehard fans of bagged teas. 

11. One Stripe Chai Co.

Most tea distributors offer caffeinated or decaffeinated chai, but One Stripe Chai Co. provides a unique in-between option. The brand's Chai After Five blend has less caffeine than the average chai because of its relatively unusual base: hojicha. This roasted green tea has a deep flavor that is almost reminiscent of coffee, making it an intriguing substitute for the classic black teas used in more traditional chai blends. The brand combines its hojicha with spices such as cardamom and ginger. 

Like all of the chai blends this brand offers, Chai After Five has a nearly perfect score from reviewers on the brand's website. The company's chai-focused product line includes other uncommon flavors, such as mint and lemongrass, but also features a more familiar masala chai. It is difficult to find this brand's teas outside of California, however, which is a downside for those who prefer in-person shopping or want to sample a tea before committing to a full-size package. Sadly, the company also does not accept refunds or exchanges on its products.

10. Twinings

The U.K.-based tea distributor Twinings owes its origins to its namesake family, who have been a part of the tea industry since the 1600s. With such a long history, it's no surprise that this large company offers an impressive selection of teas. Its chai product line includes staples such as pumpkin spice and traditional chai and more unusual flavors like spiced apple and French vanilla.  

Consumers can find the company's original chai blend in bags or K-cups, and it's even available decaffeinated. It isn't the most unique chai tea on the market, but it's an affordable and accessible option for those who enjoy a straightforward spice profile. Most Influenster reviewers love the flavor and aroma of this tea and suggest pairing it with milk in the traditional style. However, some find the flavor to be too mild for their taste. Tea lovers who prefer a zingy chai may like the company's Ultra Spice variety instead, which has more pronounced cinnamon notes than this comparatively subdued blend.

9. Bigelow Tea

Vanilla can be an excellent accompaniment to other well-known chai spices, and Bigelow Tea offers a delicious option of that type with its Vanilla Chai. The vanilla's aroma adds a slight sweetness to this chai, which is especially pleasant while the tea is brewing. Tea lovers can enjoy this tea bagged or in K-Cup pods, both available in many local grocery stores. Bigelow Tea products are also reasonably priced, which makes it easy for consumers to test-drive this chai. 

Users on Steepster have given this tea an average rating of 73/100. Several reviewers love this tea's flavor and consider it to be a perfect option for dessert. Fans of the chai recommend drinking it with sugar or honey, though a few reviewers also enjoy it plain. However, some feel that the spice flavors are a little too understated, especially when milk is added to the tea. Others dislike the ingredients used in this product, which include undefined artificial flavors that won't appeal to those who prefer their tea all-natural. 

8. David Rio

Tea distributors that specialize in chai are often the best options for a satisfying cup of this spicy blend. David Rio started in 1996 and has become a chai staple in many specialty stores and restaurants. The brand has its own signature chai blend available in multiple flavors. Although most chai starts with black tea, David Rio also offers green and white tea-based blends. This makes the brand an excellent choice for those who want a break from tradition. All the David Rio signature chai varieties also have names inspired by endangered species because of the company's ties to wildlife conservation efforts. 

The company's Chai Cart line offers multiple worthwhile versions of its traditional Masala Chai. This smooth, bold loose-leaf tea has a warm, peppery flavor that differentiates it from more cinnamon-forward chai blends. The spice mix also includes fennel, which adds a subtle licorice-like note, as well as cardamom and ginger. The tea is also available as a strong pre-sweetened concentrate or a more diluted brew, either of which could be used to make lattes.

7. Oregon Chai

Regarding chai concentrates, The Original Concentrate by Oregon Chai is a great grocery store find. It's made from organic ingredients, is gently spiced, and includes a hint of vanilla for smoothness. Since it is pre-sweetened, tea lovers can add this concentrate to their favorite milk for an easy latte. Its mildly warm flavor makes it equally delicious hot or iced. 

The brand specializes in chai concentrates, so there is an option to suit most tastes. For example, the original flavor is available in lightly sweetened, unsweetened, and sugar-free versions. There is even a decaffeinated version for those who enjoy chai in the evenings or are sensitive to caffeine. 

Reviewers on Influenster have given this chai mostly positive ratings for its flavor, and many also love how affordable it is compared to coffee shop chai. However, some reviewers feel that the original concentrate is too sweet. Those who prefer a more authentic tea flavor will likely find the unsweetened concentrate more appealing. 

6. Diaspora Co.

Many tea distributors offer pre-blended chai tea, but Diaspora Co. allows tea lovers to go a step further and create their own. This small company specializes in directly sourced spices from India but also provides a limited selection of beverage spice blends. Unlike most chai, the brand's Chai Masala doesn't contain black tea, making it naturally caffeine-free. The spices featured in this product include ginger, cardamom, and black pepper, all of which contribute to a bold cup of tea. 

The blend is delicious when brewed as-is but can easily be used to enhance traditional black tea — or any other tea you choose. Reviews for this spice blend are overwhelmingly positive regarding its quality and flavor. Many reviewers love the warm spiciness of the tea and praise the balanced taste. Unfortunately, the popularity of this product has a downside: high demand means customers often have to be waitlisted before they can snag a jar of their own.

5. Rishi

For chai fans craving a spicy kick, Rishi offers the perfect blend. The brand's Spicy Masala Chai is a certified organic loose-leaf tea with a bold combination of spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. However, this tea also includes dried chili flakes, which gives it an intense heat most other chai blends can't match. Reviews on the brand's website highlight the tea's unique, balanced flavor and suggest pairing it with everything from steamed milk to dark chocolate. Due to the abundance of warming spices, this tea is best enjoyed hot. 

Even for those who are intimidated by the idea of a spicier tea, Rishi is an excellent brand for chai drinkers because of its unique flavor offerings. For example, those craving something truly unique can try Rishi's Vanilla Mint Chai, which combines peppermint and vanilla bean notes with more familiar spices like cinnamon. Rishi sells its loose-leaf teas in quarter-pound or full-pound bags, but customers can also purchase miniature packages to sample intriguing flavors. 

4. Blue Lotus Chai

Powdered teas can sometimes be questionable in terms of quality, but Blue Lotus Chai offers options that are as delicious as they are convenient. This Oregon-based company has specialized in chai tea since 2010 and provides a limited selection of flavored blends, including mint, star anise, and even matcha chai. The teas come packaged in reusable three-ounce tins, each of which makes 100 cups of chai. 

The brand's Traditional Masala Chai won a 2019 silver sofi Award in the tea category, an accolade given to products offering superior taste and quality. It has a traditional black tea base and contains certified organic spices for a warm, bold taste. Among other flavors, the spice mix includes black pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Customer reviews note this powdered tea is indiscernible from traditionally brewed tea due to its high-quality ingredients. The brand's website recommends dissolving this powder in equal parts water and milk to enjoy its flavor to the fullest. This chai is also sold in a one-pound bag for those who prefer to buy their tea in bulk. 

3. Tielka

One of the challenges when it comes to innovative tea blends is creating a flavor that pleasantly surprises consumers. That's precisely what Australian-based Tielka accomplished with its Cacao and Chilli Chai. This tea starts with Fair Trade black tea and takes warming spices to the next level by adding chili and ginger to the classic combination of cardamom and cinnamon. The tea also features notes of Peruvian cacao for a rich chocolate flavor.  

The blend won a 2021 Silver Golden Leaf Award for quality and flavor, is certified organic, and has a perfect five-star score on the brand's website. Reviewers love the balanced taste of this tea and appreciate the extra dose of spiciness from the chili. As one reviewer notes, the addition of cacao makes this tea an excellent alternative to hot chocolate. The website's brewing guide suggests pairing it with honey or some other sweetener to accentuate the cacao's taste. Tielka also uses biodegradable pouches or reusable tins to package its loose-leaf teas.

2. The Chai Box

One of the most common ways to enjoy chai in the U.S. is in the form of a chai tea latte, which tea lovers can now find in most coffee shops. However, The Chai Box offers an easy way for consumers to make this popular beverage at home. The brand's Chai Concentrate is available sweetened and unsweetened and takes all the guesswork out of creating the perfect latte. Consumers can combine their desired amount of concentrate (a single serving is recommended at four ounces) with any kind of milk they choose. 

Reviewers on the brand's website have awarded this concentrate a perfect five stars. Many proclaim that this makes the best chai lattes they have ever tasted, and several love it enough to recommend the company's subscription service. Chai Box CEO Monica Sunny used her childhood love of chai as inspiration for the creation of the company's array of products. In addition to chai concentrate, consumers can purchase various loose-leaf tea blends or spices from the company, such as star anise, cardamom, and candied ginger. 

1. Silver Tips Tea

Silver Tips Tea was once just a small tea room in New York that has since grown into an online distributor. The brand's product offerings are directly sourced and include a wide selection of unflavored loose-leaf teas and unusual blends, some of which come from the owner's family tea plantation, the famous Makaibari Tea Estates. Many of the company's teas are certified organic and Fair Trade certified, while the website makes it easy to see which products have earned these distinctions. 

Regarding chai, Silver Tips offers a classic chai as well as herbal and flavored varieties. One of the best options is Coconut Chai, which combines cinnamon, ginger, and shredded coconut to create a subtly sweet, dessert-like tea. While most chai blends have a strong cinnamon scent, this brew has a lovely coconut aroma. In typical chai fashion, this blend pairs well with milk and a small dose of sweetener, while the brand suggests adding whipped cream for a truly decadent drink.