McDonald's Las Vegas Locations Are Just As Flashy As The City Of Sin

Millions of people dine at McDonald's every day, which isn't hard to do since they're located in over 100 countries. However, dining at a Las Vegas McDonald's isn't as common — for obvious reasons. Many Americans have never even been to Vegas and must live vicariously through those who have.

If you haven't yet experienced the luxury of visiting the wedding capital of the world, it's not hard to imagine what a McDonald's restaurant would look like there. But thanks to a TikToker mswizzle1105's video, the world now has a chance to see what they look like (at least from the outside).

Mswizzle1105 showcases four McDonalds, including one on South Rainbow Boulevard with a mega-sized cup and fries as part of the building architecture and another on Las Vegas Boulevard with a gigantic illuminated arch. The third one, on Paradise Road, features a retro theme, and the fourth, located on Fremont Street (part of The D Casino & Hotel), dazzles with a fun, flashing neon sign.

While the bright lights are hard to miss, other locations are equally alluring

Although the first two McDonald's in the video were filmed during the day,  mswizzle1105 describes them as having neon lights. The one on Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip) with the giant arch includes some interior surprises as well. You'll see a giant, illuminated "Welcome to Las Vegas" mural on the ceiling, complete with Speedee, McDonald's first mascot. You can find Speedee on the exterior of the retro McDonald's as well, in neon lights, of course. And last but not least, the McD's on Fremont Street features an angled exterior with many windows under a flashing McDonald's sign in (you guessed it) more neon lights.

One commenter says they live near the Rainbow Boulevard location with the large cup and fries and is always "mesmerized driving past it." Other commenters offered suggestions for other noteworthy McDonald's restaurants, including the solar-powered Disney World location in Orlando, Florida, and the "mansion McDonald's" in Long Island, New York.

Although the Vegas McDonald's restaurants may not be the most beautiful — or eco-friendly — of all the locations, you certainly can't deny that they're hard to miss!