Why You Should Store Cookies In Decorative Tins Year Round

Decorative tins are ideal for the holidays. They can effortlessly turn a plate of cookies into a gift — no wrapping needed, just fill and seal. And they make a convenient way to transport cookies with minimal breakage. But those decorative tins aren't just suitable for the season. They are good all year round because they can help keep your cookies fresh.

Following microorganisms, such as bacteria and mold, exposure to light and oxygen is the second most common cause of food spoilage, says MadgeTech. Exposure to light and air promotes the growth of microorganisms; speeds up chemical reactions; and causes food to lose its color, taste, and flavor. Without proper storage, homemade cookies only last a couple of days before losing their taste and texture.

A decorative tin effectively blocks light from reaching your cookies and it reduces the amount of damaging oxygen that reaches them. This makes a decorative tin a great way to store your tasty treats. According to the USDA, cookies that are properly stored at room temperature may last as long as three weeks.

Two more reasons cookie tins are desirable all year

Another element that can ruin an otherwise perfectly good cookie is the humidity level in your home. The moisture in the air can change the texture of your cookies. It can make crisp cookies mushy and soft cookies hard. A decorative tin helps regulate the humidity level so your cookies stay the way you like them. However, an even better humidity-managing solution is to add a piece of white bread to the tin as this can help keep crisp cookies crisp and soft cookies soft.

Hunter & Palmer is credited with creating tins in the 1850s to keep cookies from breaking during shipping. Over time, instead of just serving a utilitarian purpose, tins were manufactured to be collector's items. Whether you use them to brighten up your decor or you consider your collection an investment worthy of display, the decorative nature of cookie tins is yet another reason to use these items all year round.